Who Else Loves Hallmark's "All of My Heart" Trilogy?

The All of My Heart trilogy is Hallmark at its best.  Even though these aren't new movies, installments being released in 2015, 2017, and 2018, they air regularly on Hallmark Channel and deserve accolades.

I'm skeptical about sequels, but Hallmark manages to keep the momentum going strong in all three.  They are equally delightful!

Here's a quick recap, in case you haven't tuned in to the replays:

All of My Heart-2015

PLOT:  A caterer and a trader in the finance industry, who each inherit half of a country home, form an unlikely friendship while renovating the house.

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All of My Heart:  Inn Love-2017

PLOT:  As Brian and Jenny prepare for the opening of their bed-and-breakfast, a damaging storm causes Brian to go back to Wall Street to raise funds for the project.

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All of My Heart:  The Wedding-2018

PLOT:  As Jenny and Brian complete the planning of their wedding, a distant relative arrives in town claiming to be the rightful owner of the inn.

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More Realistic Portrayal of Life's Struggles

Too many recent Hallmark films feature characters who are wildly successful in all they do, which isn't a very accurate portrayal of real life.  To succeed, there are often countless failures and struggles along the way.

The trilogy offers hope--work hard enough, and you can achieve your dream.  Success is rarely served on a silver platter.

Jenny (Chabert) is a caterer who works for a very demanding chef.  She takes his verbal abuse and criticism, all while dreaming of owning her own restaurant.  In classy Chabert style, she basically tells him to "stick it" once she learns she has inherited a country home.

Haven't most of us had a crappy boss at some point?  In your mind, you tell your boss of in a million inventive ways, praying for the opportunity to find a better opportunity to escape his or her control.  Being stuck stinks.

Throughout the trilogy, our couple faces these setbacks:
  • The house requires more maintenance than they can afford.
  • Brian (Elliott) is fired.
  • Jenny gains a big distributor for her baked good, but then loses them.  She gets an opportunity for another distributor but is ultimately rejected.
  • A storm ravages their home, and Brian has to freelance on Wall Street again to make extra money.
  • A relative stakes a claim on the inn, and Jenny and Brian have to find a way to pay her $126,000 for her share--money they don't have.
  • The strain of working apart causes Jenny and Brian to have relational issues.
Despite the struggles, our couple still gets a happy-ever-after ending, but the hurdles they encounter resonate with viewers, making vintage Hallmark movies a step above newer releases.

Have You Had to Revise Your Dream?

Although Jenny has always dreamed of owning her own restaurant, she revises her career path once she inherits the country home.  Instead, she opens a bed-and-breakfast and hopes being a professional chef will set her establishment apart from all the others in the area.

She is even open to Brian's suggestion to call her business a B & B & D--bed and breakfast and dinner.  Perpetually positive, Jenny considers the inn her "restaurant with beds."

Are you doing the work you always dreamed of doing, or have you also revised your dream?  Share in the comment section!

Did You Notice the B & B Are Two Different Homes?

If you watch these movies back-to-back, you will probably notice different farmhouses are used, not the same one.

In the first movie, Brian and Jenny can't agree on a color to paint the inn.  Brian wants blue, and Jenny wants yellow.  To compromise, they choose green.

In the second movie, many references are made to the "remodeling," which is supposed to make us not question that the house is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

Image:  Crown Media, United States LLC
The movie is filmed in the same location, but the first farmhouse was already reserved for a different production and unavailable.


  • The outdoor swing was actually built by the real-life homeowners, Bob and Kathleen
  • The gazebo Hallmark built for the wedding was gifted to Bob and Kathleen after Hallmark finished filming. 

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