Hallmark's "All Summer Long" QUIZ!!

Starring:  Autumn Reeser and Brennan Elliott 

Released:  2019

Summary:  A woman has a dream of being the captain of a dining cruise, but her aspirations hit a wall after her ex-boyfriend gets hired as a chef for the restaurant.

Image:  Crown Media

Do You Love Being On The Water?

Some people just love the water.  They are water bugs.  They are happiest when they are on the lake, by the ocean, or at the pool.

Does that describe you?  If so, you can relate to Tia Larkin (Reeser). 

Tia might be an attorney at her dad's law firm, but her heart belongs at sea.  The demands of her career schedule make her feel like she's on a short leash.  She only has time to putter to nearby destinations and no time for exploring on longer excursions.

We all can relate to this.  We imagine relaxing, recreational things we'd like to do, but responsibilities and overloaded schedules never  seem to let us get to them.  If we do squeeze in some fun, it's short-lived.

When Tia wraps up a big case she's been working on for two years, she informs her dad she's awarding herself a short getaway to visit her uncle and aunt.  Her dad isn't thrilled, but she doesn't give him a choice.  

Julie and Uncle Roland just happen to be launching their own dining boat, and their captain quits when he is offered a better job by a big cruise line.  It's just the kind of adventure Tia has been craving, and she asks to fill in as captain for the summer.  Of course, we all know this is going to lead to a long-term commitment, but Tia is taking baby steps.

Pursue Your Dreams

Tia isn't the only one with big dreams.  Jake Jarrett (Elliott) is a creative French chef who wants the freedom to create his own menu and try new dishes.  His boss won't let him deviate from the old, tried and true selections he insists his customers want.  It's the reason Jake jumps at the chance to work in Des Mers--the floating restaurant aboard Julie and Roland's Pacific Yellowfin.  The owners give Jake the green light on creating his own menus, and he can't be happier.

Tia and Jake are old flames, so they are less than thrilled to find they'll be working on the same vessel.  

Why had they broken up years ago?

The two made a pact to follow their dreams.  After college, they both planned to go to Paris together.  He'd work at a French restaurant, and she'd take a job somewhere on the Seine river.  Instead, Tia stayed behind to go to law school, and it was a death blow to their relationship.  It took years for Tia's broken heart to heal.  

When Tia and Jake both agree to remain on the crew of the Pacific Yellowfin, doing the jobs they both love, it gives hope to the rest of us that it's never too late to get back on track and pursue our dreams.

Parental Approval

It's funny that no matter how old we get, it's nice to have our parents' blessing on our choices.  If you're the rebellious sort, maybe you've never experienced it, but many of us have.  We want our parents to be okay with our spouses, our lifestyles, our parenting practices, and proud of our career choices and accomplishments.

When our parents don't approve, it casts a shadow of doubt over us.  Are we doing the right thing, or are we making a big mistake?

Even though Tia's gut tells her changing course from a budding attorney to captain of a dining cruiser is the right path for her life, her dad's disapproval leaves her with an unsettled feeling.  All it takes, though, is for her dad to see how happy she is when he attends the retirement party of Admiral Hardwick, and he finally grants his blessing.  His approval lifts a weight off of her and gives her the release she needs to go full steam ahead with her dreams.

Ironically, Tia's dad gave up a successful naval career to follow his dream of being an attorney, so he, of all people, should understand Tia's  need to follow her heart instead of her head. 

Healthy Competition 

Sometimes, guys drag their feet on committing to a relationship and letting their intentions be known.  All it takes is a little healthy competition to find out if your relationship is meant to be or doomed for failure.

Jake's feelings for Tia come flooding back, but he won't admit it to her.  Maybe it's his pride or wounded ego from the past, but he's happy just to be with her.  Spending time with Jake evokes strong emotions in Tia, too.  Despite their resolve to keep their interaction professional, neither is capable of it.

When well-to-do Bennett Jamiesen (Christopher Russell) starts pursuing Tia, Jake realizes just how much she means to him.  

Image:  Crown Media 

If it hadn't been for Bennett entering the picture, who knows how long it would have taken Jake to finally express and verbalize his love for Tia?

So, if you're dating someone who won't commit, start dating someone else, and you'll find out soon enough if you've been wasting your time and energy or not!  

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