Hallmark's "My Secret Valentine" QUIZ!

Starring:  Lacey Chabert and Andrew Walker

Released:  2018

Summary:  When a savvy salesman arrives to buy a family's beloved winery, a young woman follows the advice she receives from chalkboard notes left by a mysterious house rental tenant.

Image:  Crown Media

The Family Wine Business

Chloe Grange comes home to visit and learns her dad wants to retire, so he's toying with the idea of selling the family wine business.  

Seth Anderson works for Stratosphere, a boxed wine company, and his promotion depends on him acquiring Grange Family Wines.

Chloe is conflicted. She doesn't want her dad to sell the business because it's been in their family for generations, and she especially doesn't want him to sell it to a boxed wine company.  She feels it cheapens their reputable brand.

Despite being determined to not like Seth, Chloe is impressed at the lengths he goes to in order to understand and appreciate their wine business from top to bottom to truly grasp their company's vision.

When Chloe is offered a promotion at work, it jolts her into realizing she's happiest managing her family's wine business, so her father happily hands her the reins.  

Where Is YOUR Happy Place?

Located on the winery property is a cabin.  When she was alive, Chloe's mom considered the cabin her "happy place," and she and Chloe made a lot of mother-daughter memories there.  

Chloe's dad is renting the cabin so others have a chance to enjoy it.  

Although Chloe doesn't know who the current tenant is, she and this mystery man exchange messages on a chalkboard in the cabin.

Do you find this odd?  Chloe shows up at the cabin at all hours of the day and night and lets herself in.  It's not unusual for "housekeeping staff" to maintain a rental, but Chloe usually has some random reason for barging in every day, and she never encounters the renter.

Regardless, the back-and-forth banter via the chalkboard is amusing.  Ironically, Chloe asks for advice on dealing with a jerk, and Seth (the jerk she's referring to) is the one who gives her helpful tips.

In the end when Chloe realizes she's been exchanging notes with Seth the whole time, she admits she had hoped it was him.  I'm wondering why it never came up in conversation, "Hey, since you're not from around here, where are you staying?"

Most of us probably don't have a "happy place" located on massive acreage we own, but there's usually a retreat somewhere inside or outside of our home where we find a peaceful escape from the world.  Where is that place for you?

Mine is our deck.  I love to sit at the table on the deck, under our umbrella, and pour over recipe books, read, or blog.  

Some people love spending time near the ocean on a beach to find tranquility or in a hammock in the woods.  In the comment section below, share the location of your happy place.

Do Lacey and Andrew Make a Good Couple?

We've watched each of these leads be the "better half" of many a Hallmark couple.  How well do you think they go together in My Secret Valentine

panel management

Either way, it's hard to watch this movie and not get in the mood for wine!

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