Thoughts & a QUIZ On Hallmark's "Falling For Look Lodge"

Starring:  Jonathan Keltz and Clark Backo

Released:  2020

Summary:  A woman who aspires to work as a hotel event coordinator is given an opportunity by helping a hotel guest work on the final touches for his sister's wedding.

Image:  Crown Media

Fans Love the Scenery & the Autumn Elements

Falling for Look Lodge has some seasonal components Hallmark fans are happy to see--fall leaves on the ground, colorful trees, pumpkins, fall wreaths and garlands, hay bales, a bonfire, s'mores, and pumpkin spice lattes.  

The movie was filmed in Canada, with most scenes being shot at Strathmere Retreat in Ottawa.  The favorite lookout point and the gorgeous trails should inspire us all to take a fall hike to savor the sights of this beautiful season.

Nerdy Is Not the New Sexy

When Hallmark vowed to become more inclusive, who knew they meant replacing stud muffin leading men with awkward and unmanly types like Noah (Jonathan Keltz)?  The irony here is that Hallmark endeavors to combat stereotypes, yet they ascribe the occupation of software developer to the nerd character.  All that Noah is missing are glasses held together by tape.  

Lily, on the other hand, is a self-assured, strong, and independent woman with big ideas.  How likely is it she could be attracted to someone with such low testosterone?

Judging from fan chatter surrounding this movie, even those who love the movie agree the chemistry between the two characters is non-existent. 

Lily spends the majority of the movie trying to excuse and hide what a jerk Noah is being towards his sister and her new family.  How did this attract her to him?  Lily seems to grasp that Noah is acting out from the fear he will lose his sister, so maybe we're to assume she overlooks his immaturity.  

The final kiss of the movie is a colossal letdown.  It is stiff, forced, and unnatural.  Sorry, Keltz is simply not leading man material, nor is he believable in the "big brother" role. 

Image:  Crown Media

With a Sister Like Charmaine, Who Needs Enemies?

Charmaine fires Lily for fraternizing with a guest--Noah.  Come on, lady!  There are no other guests at the lodge.  Can you blame Lily for wanting human contact?  Next, Charmaine tells her not to step foot on the lodge grounds again and then hugs her.  Talk about mixed signals!

Yes, we know there are no guests at the lodge other than the wedding party because Hallmark is using less cast members thanks to COVID.  It's still weird.

Once Charmaine receives accolades from Justine and Noah about Lily's performance, she tries to "un-fire" her.  It all works out though because losing her job ends up being the kick-in-the-pants Lilly needs to jumpstart her own outdoor adventure company.

Image:  Crown Media

A Wedding Without Parents

Your wedding is biggest day of your life, aside from having children.  It's sad that Justine doesn't have her parents there to witness it. 

Family is everything, and this is a valuable lesson Noah finally learns.  He has to give his sister away and fill-in during the father-daughter dance, yet Justine's family becomes his too, and it takes away some of the sting of their loss.  

My Favorite Performer In the Movie Is...

The worst acting in the movie comes compliments of Erin Eldershaw, who plays Kate, the awkward lodge employee who has a thing for her co-worker, Teddy.  Every time Teddy is around, Kate stammers, says the dumbest things, and totally embarrasses herself.  That's not the problem.  The issue is the viewer can tell she's acting, which is bad acting.

Gabrielle Jennings does a nice job as Beatrice Bennett.  Her big pretty eyes and sweet persona are charming.

However, when it comes to best actress in a film, my award goes to......Shelly the Turtle.  She out-acted them all.

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