Four Different Personality Types in Hallmark's "Snowkissed"--Which Character Is Most Like You? Plus, a Movie QUIZ!

Starring:  Jen Lilley and Chris McNally

Released:  2021

Summary:  A journalist with a distaste for traveling gets the opportunity to tackle her dream assignment and unwillingly mentors an attractive bed-and-breakfast owner.

Image:  Crown Media

This fun and wintry movie follows Kate, Jayne, Noah, and Simon.  All four characters are "polar" opposites in so many ways, but they end up blending well together, like the cheese, wine, and chocolate they sample in the movie.

Which movie character do you relate to the most?


Kate does not like adventure.  She creates a routine for her daily life, and she doesn't deviate from it.  She has no desire to explore other areas of the world because she thinks Manhattan has it all.  She's deathly afraid of heights, and she doesn't enjoy the outdoors.  When it comes to exercise, she prefers a temperature controlled gym over a hike in nature.  She feels safer with absolutes and a sure thing.

Jen Lilley as "Kate"

Kate's personality is very intense.  She doesn't know how to sugarcoat the truth, so her words often land like bombs on the recipient.  She's blunt and brutally honest!  Plus, she can work hours on end with little sleep.

When Noah practices his tour speech, she quickly points out the errors in the information he's conveying because she's well-read and has researched so many diverse topics throughout her freelance writing career.  She's a smart lady, and she has a big heart.  When she realizes Noah will have to sell his business if his pitch to market influencers doesn't garner their support, she shows more patience and compassion in offering him tips that will help him be successful.

Kate likes to bloom where she's planted, until she realizes she's not really living life to the fullest.


Noah has a number of diverse interests, but instead of focusing his energies on one thing, he hops from job to job, idea to idea, and ends up as a sort of Jack-of-all-trades-and-master-of-none.

Noah's adventures have allowed him to explore the world before landing him in Banff, where he hopes to finally settle.  

Although his comedic efforts at joke-telling usually fall flat, Noah can be a funny guy when he lets his genuine self shine through and stops following a script.  He can be surprisingly vulnerable and easily wounded by constructive criticism.

Chris McNally is "Noah"

The minute Noah meets Kate and Jayne, he manages to gab with them for three solid hours, so he's clearly a people person and a great conversationalist.  It's a gift that guarantees him the recommendation and promotion of the B & B--he has to agree to be the one to guide the tours because he's the best.

Noah is an outdoorsman who enjoys sharing his love of his scenic location with others.  Only an outdoorsman would want to drink hot chocolate outside in the cold after midnight!  

Once Noah sets a goal, he devotes all of his energy to it, which is why he plans to fly to Manhattan to let Kate know how he feels, but she's one step ahead of him.


Jayne is a risk-taker who loves the thrill of the unknown, which is why she enjoys how her freelance photography takes her around the world.  When her risks don't pay off, she's a little disappointed, but she quickly shakes it off.  She doesn't spend time regretting the "what-ifs" in life because she goes after what she wants without hesitation, come what may.

Jayne doesn't box herself into a corner, but she's open to all types of new experiences.  She learns she loves snow shoeing up a mountain, but she hates playing chess.  There's nothing she won't try, at least once.

Amy Groening is the great BFF, "Jayne"

Jayne is a very independent woman, which is how she's able to handle maintaining a long-distance relationship with Simon.  She gets that sick feeling in her stomach like you do when you fall in love with someone, but she's quite capable of continuing her own life with well over 2,000 miles between them.  She doesn't pine.

Jayne goes after what she wants, even if it looks forward and aggressive to someone else.  She literally throws herself at Simon, yet she somehow manages to keep the upper-hand, even when he doesn't initially reciprocate.  

Even though Jayne will go where angels fear to tread, she doesn't judge Kate who seems like a scaredy-cat about everything, which means she's a supportive and faithful friend who doesn't judge.


Noah might be the face of their business, but Simon is the brains behind it, and it's his impressive business plan that ultimately seals the success of their B & B.

Simon is the stereo-typical stuffed shirt--a no nonsense, numbers kind of guy who isn't adept at expressing his emotions, even to those closest to him.

Viewers knew Simon and Jayne would end up together, but it was hard to see how.  Even when Jayne set the stage and made it easy for Simon to return her interest, he still remained at a friendly distance.  Jayne kept trying to get Simon to herself, but he invited others along, completely oblivious to her feminine wiles.

"Simon" was born in Brazil and ended up in Canada, just like Rodrigo Beilfuss!

It is shocking, then, when Simon surprises Jane with a room full of the flowers she wanted to see and lets her know he does have feelings for her.  Knowing she will be leaving, Simon agrees to plan a date on the calendar when they can see each other again, but Jayne is the one who takes the lead texting Simon and making sure they stay connected.

Simon is a nice and smart guy, but he's someone who would be difficult to get close to because he doesn't know how to open his heart and let people in, which makes him seem emotionally cool and detached.  

Which Character Is Most Like You?

Do you see your personality in any of these Snowkissed characters?  Vote in the poll below for the one you find most relatable.  

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