Hallmark's "Chasing Waterfalls" Reunites Cindy Busby & Christopher Russell

Starring:  Cindy Busby & Christopher Russell

Released:  2021

Summary:  A photographer visits an isolated lodge in search of scenic waterfalls and other idyllic natural features to capture alongside her attractive guide.

Image:  Crown Media

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Fans loved Cindy Busby and Christopher Russell when the two paired up for 2020's Love in the Forecast, and so Hallmark Channel reunited them for a 2021 Spring Fling premiere.  It's the third Hallmark movie featuring Russell as a nature man who thrills female viewers with the rugged way he tames the wilderness and survives the elements--he's the epitome of masculinity.

You may remember Love in the Forecast was about a dairy farmer teaching a meteorologist how to predict the weather via nature rather than high-tech equipment.

Love in the Forecast, Image: Crown Media

Busby and Russell have become friends over the course of filming two movies together, and you can sense their comfort level and camaraderie throughout the movie. Their playful banter feels genuine rather than scripted.

In Chasing Waterfalls, Busby plays Amy Atwater, a would-be photographer who petitions her boss for the chance at an assignment to find and photograph a mystical waterfall.  Reluctantly, her boss gives Amy a chance to prove herself and promises a promotion if she succeeds.

Like many of us women, Amy lacks an internal compass along with the ability to follow a map, so she enlists the aid of a handsome tour guide, Mark North, to escort her through the remote areas leading to each waterfall. 

At first, Mark will only take Amy to the main tourist attractions that have already been photographed.  What Amy really wants to see are Angel Falls and Redwood Falls, though Mark enigmatically refuses to confirm or deny whether Redwood Falls even exists or is merely a legend.

As Amy grows closer to Mark and his daughter, Kyra, he relents and promises to take her to Angel Falls, as long as she promises not to reveal its location.  Even though Amy turns off the geotagging on her camera, her co-worker still finds it embedded in her file and prints the exact latitude and longitude in the subsequent magazine article, causing a giant rift between her and Mark.  Eventually, Kyra convinces her dad that Amy was tricked by her boss, and all is forgiven.

Image:  Crown Media

One thing both Love in the Forecast and Chasing Waterfalls share is a total dud of a kiss in the final scenes.  In their first movie together, Busby's and Russell's kiss is hesitant and careful, and in their most recent, it is very tight-lipped and brief.  If Hallmark produces a third movie with this couple, there better be a kiss that viewers can feel all the way to their toes, like we get with other leading men like Andrew Walker, Tyler Hynes, Ryan Paevey, and Luke MacFarlane.  

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Who Are Busby & Russell Married To In Real Life?

After four years of dating, Cindy Busby tied the knot with Chris Boyd, a producer, in December of 2020, so she's a newlywed!

Busby admitted the wedding was a little smaller due to the pandemic, but it was still "beautiful" and the "perfect day."

Looks like Busby got a Hallmark happy ending!

Christopher Russell and his wife have been together for 17 years, and according to an Instagram post, his heart still "skips a beat" whenever she walks into a room. The happy couple shares two beautiful children together.

Russell's Instagram account expresses the deep love he feels for his family.  He states, "Family.  Where life begins and love never ends.  I love you three bigger than the thing that's bigger than the universe! #soulmates #bestkidsever #youhadmeathello #beautifulbritishcolumbia #familyiseverything."

How many of you have a romantic spouse like that?  Mine would probably post a question like, "What's for dinner tonight?" or something equally charming.

Fun Behind-The-Scenes Look At Chasing Waterfalls

Despite the movie location looking like some remote region of the world, it was shot in British Columbia in Canada, and all the waterfalls were found within an hour and half of Vancouver.  

When filming the final waterfalls, called Redwood Falls in the movie, the cast and crew weren't allowed to post any pictures of the location to keep its whereabouts hidden--a fun fact that parallels the storyline of the film.  Most of the movie was shot outdoors, with many of the locations being a 20 minute hike for all involved in its making.

Cindy Busby had a stunt double, of course, but she still had to scale rocks and mountains, and sit on cliffs, which was a real challenge for her, since she has a fear of heights.

Image:  Crown Media

Busby said this about it to AfterbuzzTV, "I heard a quote recently where your imagination is always worse than reality, and it's so true.  We always overthink things and then when we actually do them, the exhilaration of having accomplished something that we didn't feel comfortable doing is always so much worth it than living in that fear and not doing it."

The lodge where Busby's character stays is actually a non-profit for kids with cancer called Camp Good Times, but it was unoccupied at the time of filming due to the pandemic.

Like Amy Atwater, Busby and the rest of the crew did not have cell phone service in this remote area during their week and a half stay, but Busby told TV Goodness, "So that was kind of fun too.  Nobody was on their phones and we were just together.  It was kind of nice to just really connect."

That should serve as a lesson to all of us!  With all the gunk happening in the world that divides us, unplugging is a great way to close an escape route that is very isolating anyway to force us to notice and connect with the people around us.

The most unforgettable movie scene for Busby is the part where she and Russell are in the water.  If you remember, the scene is short and sweet, and there's a reason for it.  The water was about 40 degrees, so they couldn't stay in it for more than 10 minutes at a time.  Busby tells viewers that when they watch that scene, it might look good, "but just know it didn't feel good!"

What's Your Favorite Part Of The Movie?

Despite the gorgeous scenery that takes center stage in Chasing Waterfalls, one of my favorite things about this movie is how for Amy, photography isn't just about snapping pictures and having them look good.  She searches for the personality of each waterfall and does her assignment with her heart and soul, not just robotically to check it off her to-do list for work.

Wouldn't we all do our jobs better if we approached our work the same way?

What's your favorite part of the movie?  Be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section!

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You've Seen Cassidy Nugent Before

Cassidy Nugent plays Kyra North, Mark's daughter with his ex-wife.  Like the typical tweener, Kyra likes a boy but doesn't feel pretty enough for it to be reciprocated, so in motherly fashion, Amy offers her advice and support.

Kyra often pokes fun of her father for all of his bad dad jokes.

If Nugent looks familiar, it's because she's no stranger to Hallmark.  She's played in Love Struck Cafe, When Calls the Heart:  The Greatest Christmas Blessing, and The Angel Tree.  

Image:  Crown Media

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