Hallmark's "Fit for a Prince" an Adorable Cinderella Story, Minus the Odd Ending

Starring:  Natalie Hall and Jonathan Keltz

Released:  2021

Summary:  An aspiring fashion designer is the talent behind a high-profile designer, but she longs to have her own business.  Hired to dress ladies of a wealthy family hosting an upcoming charity ball, Cindy's life takes an unexpected turn when Prince Ronan becomes smitten with her and takes note of her talent for design. 

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A Modern Cinderella Story

Fit for a Prince was written by T. Booker James, who did an excellent job in putting a fun spin on an old fairytale.

In place of Cinderella, we have Cindy Cordella--notice the similarity in names.  Cindy is the creative seamstress genius behind all the dresses in the Rebecca Raslyn line, but since Raslyn takes all the credit initially, that casts her into the part of the wicked step-mother.  Cindy relies on a team of people to help her sew, however, and not an eclectic group of mice and birds.  

Ronan is our Prince Charming, and Julia and Brooke are like the wicked step-sisters.  These conniving plotters don't tear Cindy's dress apart, like in the original, but they do manage to make her unpresentable by telling her to dress casually.

Imagine the embarrassment of arriving at such an elegant gala in a T-shirt and jeans!  Ronan comes to her rescue by changing into a T-shirt, too, and it's a modern act of pure chivalry.  Later, Ronan confronts Raslyn on Cindy's behest and informs the Hamilton's and their guests that Cindy is the talent behind the designer brand.  Surprisingly, Cindy isn't fired, but Raslyn promotes her to partner.  This was a creative way for a prince to come to the rescue of a damsel in distress while still supporting her independence.

Cindy is such a loving, accommodating, and kind soul, mirroring the exact character of her storybook counterpart.  She continues to defend and see the best in Rebecca Raslyn, no matter how many times her boss takes advantage of her and keeps stringing her along about advancing her career.

If it weren't for the invitation and insistence of Virginia Hamilton, Cindy would have never been able to  attend the ball, so that makes Virginia our fairy godmother, minus the bibbity, bobbity, boo!

Regardless of Cindy being a commoner and Ronan headed for the throne, they both find their happily ever after, even without a glass slipper.

Natalie Hall and Jonathan Keltz Shine

The last Hallmark movies featuring Hall and Keltz were not fan favorites, namely You're Bacon Me Crazy and Falling for Look Lodge, respectively.  In the first, Hall's acting was phony and unnatural, and in the second, Keltz proved that nerdy could never be the new sexy. 

Yet, in Fit for a Prince, both actors struck a rhythm, hit a stride, and fell into an easy groove with one another.  Hallmark must have realized that by adding an English accent to Keltz's character would make him irresistible--we romantics are suckers for accents.  You probably remember Keltz from his royal role in Once Upon a Prince in 2018.  

Ronan points out that Julia and Brooke see Cindy as a threat because she is "real" and they are not.  Cindy's authenticity is one of the things that wins his heart.  "Be yourself" is an old adage that continues to stand the test of time when it comes to relationships.

A Monkey Wrench Into An Otherwise Perfect Ending

Ronan doesn't whisk Cindy off into a carriage or even away on a white horse, but they do have the undivided attention of the guests as they dance together at the ball.  Cindy proves that despite being a commoner, she has grace, elegance, beauty, class, and poise.

Throughout the movie, Cindy inspires Ronan to be spontaneous, and even with everyone watching, he defies protocol and kisses her.  The movie could have ended right there.  But it didn't.  Ronan dares Cindy to be spontaneous, and apparently all she could come up with was to bust an awkward move on the dance floor that ended as quickly as it began as the waltz strikes back up again.  

Viewers are like, "what the heck?"  That scene could have been clipped and left on the editing floor.  It simply didn't fit.

Otherwise, this movie was a refreshing twist to a traditional tale.

The End.


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