Hallmark's "It Was Always You"--Thoughts & Two Fun Polls

Starring:  Erin Krakow and Tyler Hynes

Released:  2021

Summary:  A fiancee starts to question her life choices and puts her future engagement plans in doubt upon the arrival of her betrothed's free-spirited brother.

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Do You Have Wanderlust?

When Elizabeth Hall (Erin Krakow) returns to Echo Beach for her engagement party, hosted by George's mom, she questions whether or not marrying George (Giles Panton) might be a mistake.

They have their dental practice in common, but aside from that, are they too different?  To be with George, the proverbial "stick-in-the-mud" who never wants to stray far from his dental office, Elizabeth must sacrifice her desire to travel and see the world.  

When Elizabeth reconnects with George's brother, David Belling (Tyler Hynes), he manages to fan the flames of her wanderlust.  David reminds her of the note she'd written when she was 13 of all the places she wanted to explore in Italy.  
Lightening strikes the bridge to Echo Beach, and George can't cross over to help Elizabeth with all the last-minute party planning.  David fills in for him, and the more time Elizabeth spends with him, the more uncertain she becomes about tying the knot.  

George is not spontaneous, nor is he a risk-taker.  He prefers to map out his future on paper to have a plan and a schedule, which includes mostly dental conferences.  He's already married to his career and has no interest in taking time off work to travel with Elizabeth, no matter how many times she's asked him to consider it.  George only agrees to toy with the idea of traveling when they are old and gray.

David drives Elizabeth to her appointment with the DJ.  They decide to test a song to see if it would be a good selection for her wedding dance.  When David holds Elizabeth close, she gets weak in the knees.  She's never had that feeling with George, so when George finally does make it across the bridge, she asks him to dance with her.  She wants to see if she can recapture the zing with him that she experiences with David.  Not only does George maintain an assured clear distance with her during the dance, he asks if they can be done.  The lack of sparks with George, combined with his stubborn unwillingness to take time away from work to travel, gives Elizabeth the final proof she needs to make the decision to end their engagement.

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Lest Hallmark make a love triangle too hostile, Elizabeth doesn't jump right from George's arms to David's, though viewers wouldn't have minded since George is a big dork and her chemistry with David sizzles.  Still, Elizabeth takes an entire year off to travel, and when she leaves one destination, she ends up finding another to visit.  While most of us could not afford to abandon work for an expensive, year-long vacation, in Hallmark world, it's totally do-able!

When Elizabeth finally returns home, she learns Louise is planning to marry Eugene.  By this time, George is dating the dental hygienist from his office, so David makes his move.  Insert best movie line here:

I loved you yesterday.  I love you today.  I'll love you tomorrow.    
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No wonder this movie was the highest rated cable program the night it premiered!

Tyler Hynes And His Leading Ladies

It can't be over-stated how much Hallmark fans adore the pairing of Tyler Hynes and Erin Krakow in It Was Always You, but how does Krakow measure up to leading ladies from Hynes' movies past?  Vote for your favorite Hynes leading lady!

Grandma Vivian

David's grandma, Vivian, echoed a point that undoubtedly had older viewers nodding in agreement.  Vivian can't wrap her mind around the concept of engagement parties, implying they are a little over-the-top and unnecessary.  When she was young, people simply got engaged without all the fanfare and married quickly.

Vivian's right.  Why would people have the audacity to invite friends and family to an engagement party where gifts are a must, to a bridal shower that necessitates another gift, and finally to the wedding where a gift is customary.  Engagement parties sound like a way to milk the kindness and generosity of those closest to you.  

Vivian also states, The shorter the engagement, the longer the marriageDo you agree or disagree with that statement?  Share your thoughts in the comment section!

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A Movie That Inspires Cravings

Does this movie make you crave either key lime pie or popcorn?  Elizabeth consumes plenty of both, but the popcorn looks the most tempting to me.

If you eyed the plate of raw oysters, you're a lot braver than most!  

Hallmark shares their own recipe for key lime pie here, if you're in the mood for something sweet. 

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Get The DVD!

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  1. By far one of the best Hallmark movies ever!! I will watch it over and over!

    1. I've watched it 3 times already!! LOVE it!

  2. Best Hallmark movie yet! Yes, I agree with grandma! The shorter the engagement (mine was 4 mos.) the longer the marriage (mine was 44 years until he passed away) I really hope there will be a sequel to this movie or maybe a couple. They both played the parts so well. They are infectious!

  3. Tyler Hynes is captivating--his acting is spot on and his ad libs enhance the story. He is Hallmarks treasure...............

  4. Best Hallmark movie ever, Tyler and Erin were fantastic together, the cast was outstanding and the view and sets were beautiful, love the story line. Hope to see more of Tyler & Erin together.

  5. This is Hallmarks movie of the year----can't be topped.........brilliant--story-cast-music............