Take This QUIZ On Hallmark's "The 27-Hour Day"

Starring:  Autumn Reeser and Andrew Walker

Released:  2021

Summary:  An entrepreneur takes a break from her wellness empire for some much-needed work-life balance, but it's not easy for her to relax.  

Autumn Reeser and Andrew Walker Star in Hallmark's "The 27-Hour Day."
Autumn Reeser and Andrew Walker never disappoint Hallmark fans.  Image: Crown Media

Reeser & Walker Are Fan Favorites

Autumn Reeser and Andrew Walker are Hallmark veterans, and when either of them star in a movie, you know it will be a good one.

Reeser plays Lauren Garrett, a business woman known for her podcast on hacks to be more efficient so you can have more time during the day to do what you enjoy.  Problem is, she doesn't follow her own advice.  Lauren works long hours and is driven by success.  When she meets her favorite business icon, Barbara Davrow, Lauren is elated at the prospect of landing a spot on Davrow's speaking tour.  Brenda, however, quickly assesses that all work and no play will be Lauren's downfall and suggests she first learn to bring balance into her life.

Walker is Jack West, who, along with his mom and sister, runs Meadowlawn Retreat--a place where guests relax in nature and aren't allowed to have any phones or gadgets during their stay. Jack wants to fulfill his father's dream of expanding the retreat, but financing becomes a problem.  

As Lauren and Jack spend time together, he teaches her how to relax, and she inspires him to follow his own dreams instead of his father's.

Is Hallmark Running The Strong Women Theme Into The Ground?

When Wonya Lucas took the reins as CEO of Crown Media, she made clear one of her goals would be to create roles that empower women.  One might even think Lucas's alter ego is Brenda Crichlow, since Crichlow is a black woman who never plays anything less than a top executive or brand owner in every single Hallmark movie.

Wonya Lucas Crown Media CEO
Wonya Lucas is responsible for polluting Hallmark movies with "woke" elements.

Brenda Crichlow in Hallmark movies
Brenda Crichlow always stars as a powerful woman in Hallmark movies.

If women want to run their own businesses and be independent, good for them.  Many of us, however, still like the old-fashioned notion of being swept off our feet and taken care of by Prince Charming.

It seems Hallmark has tipped the scales way out of balance.  Not every woman in the world wants to be a militant feminist set on corporate domination.  Where are the roles that celebrate women with traditional values?  

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