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Hallmark's "Always Amore" Movie Trivia QUIZ!

Always Amore Plot Summary   A woman tries to keep her late husband's once acclaimed restaurant open, and so she is forced to work with a consultant to turn things around. Starring:   Autumn Reeser & Tyler Hynes (2022) Image:  Crown Media The Restaurant Name Sums It Up If you're not fluent in Italian, you may have missed the significance of the Campisi family's restaurant name.  Il Cibo E Vita  is Marco's legacy, and it means food is life. Food isn't only vital for healthy living, but food brings people together around a table to talk, connect, and build relationships.  Great food is associated with a good life. Marco has been gone for three years, and the restaurant is failing.  Antonio is the key in bringing Cibo roaring back with his creative culinary masterpieces, but Ben Elliott (Tyler Hynes) has his work cut out for him.  Antonio stubbornly resists changing the menu to honor his mentor's memory. A Good Example to Follow By nature, most people resist