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"Playing Cupid" Is Based On A Book & Features Leads From Outside Hallmark World

Starring:  Laura Vandervoort, Nicholas Gonzalez, and Mia Quaranta De La Rosa  Released:  2021 Summary:  A 13-year old student is assigned to create her own small business and decides to start a matchmaking service for her "clients."  Image:  Crown Media The Movie Is Based On A Book When Hallmark strays outside of their own little world to find new stories to tell in their movies, it's always a breath of fresh air. It might surprise you that Playing Cupid   isn't based on an adult romance novel, but on a juvenile fiction book targeting tweeners--kids ages 8-12.  In author Jenny Meyerhoff's version, the focus is on Clara being a new student at Austen Middle School, but when she finds she has a talent for matchmaking, she uses her skills for a 7th grade class project.  Clara isn't looking for a match for herself, but she ends up with a secret admirer.  The book is filled with all the boy-girl drama one expects from middle school!  You can purchase this  Scholast