Hallmark's "Winter's Dream" & Overcoming Defeat

Image:  Crown Media, United States LLC
Starring:  Kristy Swanson and Dean Cain

Released:  2018

Summary:  When a teenage downhill skier asks a former champion for help, the past winner-turned-coach gains new passion for the sport and a budding romance.

Don't you love when Hallmark movies feature veteran actors you've seen in prominent programs?

Did you place Kristy Swanson?  She played Simone in Ferris Buehler's Day Off, Buffy in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Marlowe in the TV series Psych.  

Although Dean Cain has been in over 100 movies, including several for Hallmark, he will always be best known as Superman from the 1990's series, Lois & Clark:  The New Adventures of Superman.  Despite his 54th birthday being just around the corner, he's still as handsome as ever.


The Pain of Defeat

Kat Miller (Swanson) is a former ski champion who has happily resigned herself to working in her father's ski shop, Heart of the Mountain.  His business is struggling, however, because neighboring Epic Mountain is newer and attracting most of the tourists.

When teenager, Anna Decker, asks Kat to be her coach, it stirs up a lot of bad memories.  Despite her skiing successes, the painful humiliation of wiping out in a past race paralyzes Kat from moving beyond instructing kids at the bunny slopes.

Isn't that how fear works?  Fear keeps us from moving forward.  It prevents us from fulfilling our dreams, using our talents, and walking in our destinies.

What's holding you back?

It only takes one criticism, one rejection, one mistake to shake our confidence and stop us in our tracks.  We avoid risks to guard our hearts.  Do you want to be plagued with thoughts of what might have been, if only. . .?

Kat's passion has always been skiing, but she squelches that spark to avoid potential failure, until she realizes the potential for success is worth the risk.

Is there something you've dreamed of doing but are afraid to try?  Fight your fears with faith and the determination to succeed! 

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What Coaching Style Do You Like Best?

Have you ever participated in a sport?  What was your coach like?

Maddy Morrison is Bliss Valley's skiing celebrity, and she's back in town to coach a new generation of competitive skiers.  She's a tough, harsh, and rigid taskmaster.

Kat's coaching style is just the opposite.  She's encouraging, understanding, patient, and positive.  She is creative in her instruction, incorporating marshmallows, music, and books into her lessons to get the desired result.  Anna is much more responsive to Kat's style than Maddy's, which is why she convinces Kat to accept her as a student.  It works--Anna finds the courage to try again after she falls, and she wins the race!

Which coaching method best matches your personality?  Would you prefer strict and demanding or upbeat and relaxed? 

Do You Ski?

Kat organizes Bliss Valley's Winterfest celebration (don't you love the tie-in to Hallmark's movie season?), and it's such a booming success that the right people notice and decide to hold the Junior Nationals in Bliss Valley instead of Epic.  The local businesses are saved!

Winter's Dream makes you feel like you're on the slopes, too.  Did you know that according to 2017 statistics, 14.94 million Americans enjoy skiing?

Skiers carry torches down the mountain at the conclusion of the Winterfest celebration, and it looks gorgeous against the night sky.  For me, holding a torch while skiing would end badly, so I'll just watch it on Hallmark.


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Hallmark's Love On Iceland--Do You Have Wanderlust?

Image:  Crown Media, United States LLC
Starring:  Kaitlin Doubleday and Colin Donnell

Released:  2020

Summary:  A woman running low on inspiration for her job decides to get her college travel group back together, and they take a trip to Iceland.

My Rating:  3/5 snowflakes ❄❄❄

Do You Have Wanderlust?

Wanderlust is defined as a strong desire to travel.

Does that describe you?

People create bucket lists of vacation destinations.  For some, the goal might be to visit all 50 states in the U.S.A.  Others delight in discovering new cultures and prefer international travel.  If you pine for salt life, you might map out the world's best beaches for future getaways.

People with wanderlust are always dreaming about their next adventure.  They would rather be anywhere other than home.

Then there are those of us who would rather be home than anywhere.  Home is a peaceful escape from the rest of the world.  At home, you don't deal with long lines, layovers, bed bugs, language barriers, unpronounceable food, or dirty hotel rooms.  The bed is always cozy, and you can sit on the toilet without fear of picking up a virus.


How Many College Kids Can Afford To Travel?

In Love On Iceland, Chloe reunites with her college travel group for a trip to Iceland.

My first question is, how do college kids ever afford being in a travel group?

Think back to your own college days.  Unless you came from wealthy stock, money was tight then.  You worked as much as you could to cover tuition, books, gas, car insurance, food, and lodging, and you hoped to have a little left over for incidentals and time out with friends.  Budgets didn't allow for expensive and exotic trips, unless your parents took you with them on vacation.

This was an unrealistic movie premise for me.  It would have been more believable had a group of college friends once dreamed of planning a trip together to Iceland and then making it happen once they were older, established in their careers, and financially capable.

How Much Does It Cost to Vacation in Iceland?

Iceland is not a cheap place to visit, but vacationers can plan a trip around their budget.  Some couples spend $5,000 for a week-long trip, but that price can go up or down depending on the type of accommodations, how many excursions are planned, the number of times dining out, etc.  

What is there to do?  

Experiencing the natural wonders is the highlight of the trip.  

You can tour an ice cave, as they did in the movie, snorkel, go in a volcano, see the Northern Lights, hike a glacier, visit the Gold Circle, and more.  

Just like in the movie, it is possible to sleep outdoors in a bubble! Just book an exclusive overnight tour at the 5 Million Star Hotel.  Personally, I would feel a little too exposed in a translucent room, and I would not be keen on sharing the "service house" for the bathroom, shower, and kitchen.  A night in the bubble costs around $285, but it is a novel way to experience the Northern Lights.

I'm content with pictures.  

If you had a chance to go to Iceland, would you go?

Did the Movie Remind You of Disney's "Frozen?"

With her love of Norse myths and surrounded by ice, I half expected Chloe to start belting out Let it Go, but she didn't, though she commented the country is "like a Disney movie."

Smart of Hallmark to capitalize on Frozen's success.

"Me" Time

Chloe needs inspiration because it's challenging to find podcasts that haven't already been done.  Sound familiar?  It's almost like Hallmark is playing off their own quandary in finding movie plots that haven't already been done and filming locations they haven't already used scores of times.  In Iceland, Chloe finds the answer to her dilemma, and Hallmark enjoys a new location.

While viewing the Mead of Poetry in the Viking Village's museum, Chloe is struck with the idea of hosting her own podcast and calling it Epic Tales of Love.  Charlie records her interviews with other Icelandic couples, and when her boss sees her in action, he can't help but offer her a podcast of her own.

Before her trip to Iceland though, Chloe laments there's "no time for myself."  She's single and without kids.  All she has is time for herself!  "No time for myself" is the mantra of parenthood, so it's hard to offer Chloe much sympathy.  Right, parents?

Dating a Photographer  

What would it be like to date a photographer?  Did you notice all the candid photos Charlie takes of Chloe?  

Wouldn't it feel a little weird to have someone always snapping shots of you?  At some point, it might be a little creepy and intrusive.  Maybe you eventually adjust.

In the event of a break-up, however, just think of all the ammo the photographer would have.  He could plaster the worst photos all over social media, embarrass you at work, and ruin your chances with someone else by using the right incriminating photo.

As much as Charlie clicks away, the one thing he's never been able to capture is the Northern Lights.  Yet, when the lights appear, he's distracted with Chloe and doesn't even photograph them.  Where's the continuity director?   

All in all, Love On Iceland provides the viewer with beautiful scenery and a different plot and allows us to experience Iceland--a place most of us wouldn't see otherwise.

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Hallmark's "Love In Winterland--" Reality Dating, Blasts From the Past, & More

Image:  Crown Media, United States LLC
Starring:  Italia Ricci and Chad Michael Murray

Released:  2020

Summary:  A woman is a final contestant on a dating show, but she realizes she must face her high school sweetheart after getting selected for the Hometown Date.

My rating:  3/5 Snowflakes ❄❄❄

Love in Winterland is a fun story about a reality dating show.  Since reality programming is big business, Hallmark was smart to tap the vein.

The Interrogation

Ally Wilson (Italia Ricci) participates in Hallmark's version of The Bachelor, but it's just a publicity stunt for the hotel for which she works.  Its success lands her a promotion, and she's surprised how many boxes Tanner Dillon (Jack Turner) manages to check from her list of ideal mate qualities.  Personally, I'm a sucker for an English accent, even if he does have two first names.

Ally's dad, Tom, isn't convinced.  He says Tanner is P.O.P.--Perfect on Paper. Tanner is an entrepreneur (usually meaning without stable employment), a cook, a skier....he is well-rounded and proficient at many things.  Any parent would be concerned--how could a man so perfect still be single?  There must be something wrong.

At a televised dinner date with her parents, Ally's dad leads the interrogation.  He bluntly advises Tanner to pick a career path and stick with it because a Jack-of-all-trades is a master of none.  Ally's mom unabashedly brings up the subject of children. Most of us would mortified in Ally's place!

As a joke, Tom says he'd feel better if he could see Tanner's last two years of tax returns.  Despite the brutal cross-examination, Tanner stays in the game.

Any Hallmark guy who doesn't get the girl is usually arrogant, jerky, unattractive, or a doofus so the viewer won't be upset when he loses her to the better man.  Tanner is different.  He's sauve, well-spoken, and passably good-looking, so it's nice to see Hallmark deviate from the formula.

What's the most embarrassing thing your parents said to a person you dated?  If you remember, share your experience in the comments (you can use your name or comment anonymously)!

Guilty Pleasures

Ally's dad admits being hooked on the reality show Happily Ever After, much like we are addicted to Hallmark movies.  He chides, "Guilty pleasures--everyone needs one."

Do you agree with his statement?  

Aside from Hallmark movies, one of my guilty pleasures is "glug glug" night every Friday with my hubby.  We might chill a bottle of wine or mix some Sprite with a flavored rum or Schnapps, but that one little drink each week is something I enjoy after putting the kids to bed.

If you have a "guilty pleasure" that is G or PG-rated, feel free to share in the comments.

Blasts From the Past

We meet "Mean Helene" in the movie, and I would hazard a guess we all know someone like her from high school, or maybe even middle school.

What name just popped into your mind?

I have a list!  Lori, Ruth, Belinda, and Shammy.  Four big bullies from middle school who were older than me and haunted me through ninth grade, until they slipped through the academic cracks into Loser-ville and irrelevancy.  

Do mean people from school really change like Helene does?  I doubt it.  My mom once offered me this sage advice:  The *itches from school just grow up to be older *itches. 

If you can prove that theory wrong, please share your positive experience to encourage the rest of us that bullies sometimes do mend their ways.

Brett Hollister is another blast from Ally's past.  He's her high school sweetheart, and Brett admits there's just something about your first love and your first kiss that you never get over.  

Think about your first love.  Is there still a special place in your heart for that person?  

Hallmark is notorious for reuniting high school sweethearts who find their happily-ever-after.  Does that happen in real life?  Yes!  Sometimes it does.  I met my husband on a blind date when I was 17 and he was 19.  He took me to my homecoming and senior prom, but we parted ways after nearly a year.  Fourteen years later, our paths crossed again, and we were married five months later!    

Why isn't someone making a Hallmark movie about us?  I jest.

Notice the Belly?

Most of us do not have the Barbie doll figure of Hallmark actresses, but Italia Ricci is none too skinny in this movie.  

Turns out, she just had a baby two months prior to filming!

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