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Did You Love Hallmark's "The Secret Ingredient?" Get the Book!

Starring:   Erin Cahill and Brendan Penny Released:   2020 Summary:   A small-town baker receives the surprise of her life when she gets an opportunity to compete on a Valentine's Day baking show in New York City. Image:  Crown Media, United States LLC Movie Based on Nancy Naigle's Novel Nancy Naigle is the newest incarnation of Hallmark, following the trail of blazing love already hewn by Debbie Macomber and Karen Kingsbury. You might recognize Naigle's name as the author behind the  Christmas in Evergreen   books, which she novelized based on the original Hallmark movies. How does this author handle writing things in reverse?  It seems a little backwards for the movie to come first and then the book.  In an interview with Hallmark's  Home & Family,  Naigle shares that it takes her just as long to write the book based on the movie than it does starting her own novel from scratch! Watch her interview on penning  Christmas in Evergreen :      In addition to  The Secr

Hallmark's Matching Hearts Review

Starring:  Taylor Cole and Ryan Paevey Released:  2019 Summary:  As Valentine's Day gets closer, a matchmaker receives a task from her mentor to match an entrepreneur who believes that staying single is the key to success. Image:  Crown Media, United States LLC Would You Use A Matchmaker? Wouldn't it be interesting for you and your spouse to fill out a questionnaire, feed your responses into a computer, and then discover what percentage an algorithm spits out on your compatibility? Maybe it's best not to know.   If you are single, would you consider using a matchmaker, or would that feel too forced and unnatural?   Tons of websites exist to help you meet someone without leaving it up to chance or waiting for prayers to be answered.  Research shows, however, that people who meet online are more likely to break up within their first year, plus they are more likely to get divorced, compared to those who meet face-to-face. Your demographic and the s

Hallmark Movie: "A Valentine's Match" Review

Image:  Crown Media, United States LLC Starring:  Bethany Joy Lenz and Luke MacFarlane Released:  2020 Summary:  A woman gets fired from her job as a reality TV host and heads back home for Valentine's Day, but she finds herself in charge of the town festival's auction. Have You Ever Been Fired? If you've ever been fired from your job, this movie may open an old wound.  The ratings are down for Natalie Simmons' (Lenz) reality show, so she is axed minutes into the movie.  The reason?  She has lost her " authenticity " and her " oomph ." She loves her job, so what's the problem?  She jumps into her career with fresh ideas and gusto, but under the pressure and demand for ratings and pleasing the audience, she loses her originality and finds herself going through the motions. Is your heart in your job?   If it is, you undoubtedly head to work with a spring in your step, determined to do your best every day to make a differen