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Who Else Loves Hallmark's "All of My Heart" Trilogy?

The All of My Heart trilogy is Hallmark at its best.  Even though these aren't new movies, installments being released in 2015, 2017, and 2018, they air regularly on Hallmark Channel and deserve accolades. I'm skeptical about sequels, but Hallmark manages to keep the momentum going strong in all three.  They are equally delightful! Here's a quick recap, in case you haven't tuned in to the replays: All of My Heart-2015 PLOT:  A caterer and a trader in the finance industry, who each inherit half of a country home, form an unlikely friendship while renovating the house. Image:  Crown Media All of My Heart:  Inn Love-2017 PLOT:  As Brian and Jenny prepare for the opening of their bed-and-breakfast, a damaging storm causes Brian to go back to Wall Street to raise funds for the project. Image:  Crown Media All of My Heart:  The Wedding-2018 PLOT:  As Jenny and Brian complete the planning of their wedding, a distant relative arrives in town claiming to