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Vote For Your FAVORITE Hallmark Summer Nights 2021 Movie!

That's A Wrap!  Hallmark Summer Nights 2021   Hallmark fans were treated  to TEN new original movies during the Summer Nights 2021 season.  Since Christmas in July was sandwiched in the middle, summer movies seemed to last a little longer. Before we happily drown ourselves in pumpkin spice and all things Fall Harvest, let's recap the Summer Nights 2021 line-up and cast our vote for the BEST of the bunch. The 10 Summer Nights 2021 Original Movies 1.  You Had Me at Aloha Pascale Hutton and Kavan Smith delighted fans with their back-and-forth banter in their roles of two TV co-hosts grappling for control of their hit TV show, Next Destination . Filmed on location in Hawaii, we got to enjoy a taste of paradise.  Paige (Hutton) finally shed her mortification over being called The Goat Lady  and learned how to "chill," while Ben agreed to follow the script without too much ad-libbing.   If you loved this movie, you can take a trivia quiz on it here .   Image:  Crown Media