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Hallmark's "The Story of Us" -- Finding True Love in a Bookstore?

Starring:  Maggie Lawson and Sam Page Released:  2019 Summary:  A woman is distraught upon learning that her first love is an architect for a development company that threatens her beloved neighborhood and bookstore. Image:  Crown Media, United States LLC  What Is The "Story of Us?" Before watching the movie, I assumed "the story of us" was about how the two leads met.  Though both Jamie Vaughn and Sawyer O'Dell were former sweethearts, "the story of us" is a collection of Valentines True Love Bookstore & Cafe has accumulated through the years from couples who wrote to share how they met and fell in love in the bookstore. I have two issues with this premise:  How did no one discover this honking box of letters until now?  Routine cleaning should have uncovered it long ago.   Do enough people fall in love in bookstores to fill a box with testimonials? Sure, some bookstores offer snacks and beverages, but most people assume a library voice and postu