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Hallmark Announces 12 New Spring Movies for 2023! (*UPDATED* with More Movies & Printable Checklist!)

Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries are gearing up for some egg-cellent entertainment this spring, featuring twelve new movies that will premiere between both channels. Check out the list below to see which of your favorite Hallmark celebrities will headline each new movie and note their March and April 2023 air dates and times. You will find a printable checklist at the end of the post to track the movies you watch!   1.  The Love Club:  Nicole's Pen Pal Image:  Hallmark Media Brittany Bristow and Marcus Rosner kick of Hallmark Channel's Spring into Love 2023 with this movie about a recently engaged woman who is having second thoughts.  She wonders if the one she's meant to be with is really her mystery college pen pal whose letters she has kept for years. It sounds a little like Her Pen Pal from 2021, but hopefully the details will make it unique rather than a carbon copy of a previously aired movie. The Love Club:  Nicole's Pen Pal  premieres March

"Sweeter Than Chocolate" Movie--Hallmark Injects Perversion Again & Ruins a Great Story

What is Hallmark's "Sweeter Than Chocolate" About? Eloise Mumford plays Lucy Sweet (yes, her character's real name), a chocolatier whose family candy business might be in jeopardy.  Lucy and her mom are banking on a profitable Valentine's season in order to cover the shop's substantial rent increase.   When a social media post about Lucy's chocolate cupids goes viral, the story is picked up by a local news station that assigns a reporter, Dean Chase (Dan Jeannotte), to investigate as part of a heartwarming series leading up to Valentine's Day.   Image:  Hallmark Media Dean, whose journalistic work typically involves busting scammers, is skeptical of the legend.  Local lore claims that eating one of the cupids on February 14 will help a person find true love--if their heart is open to it.  He must put aside his cynicism to create the "glowiest" of stories if he hopes to be promoted to news anchor. Sweeter Than Chocolate Pulls You in Before