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Take This QUIZ On Hallmark's "One Summer"

Starring:   Sam Page, Sarah Drew, Amanda Schull Released:  2021 Summary:  After recovering from an illness, a husband and father returns to his late wife's beachside hometown, with his children, to spend summer in her childhood home. Sarah Drew and Sam Page Image:  Crown Media Finally, Some Wonderful Acting! In Hallmark's quest for new talent, they have repeatedly disappointed fans by slapping couples together who don't belong and hiring based on affirmative action rather than acting ability.   One Summer is a welcome relief.  Sam Page, Sarah Drew, and Amanda Schull nail their roles in this movie and take viewers on a very emotional journey through the pain of loss.   One reason this movie stands out among the status quo is because it's based on a novel of the same name by David Baldacci. You may remember Baldacci from his book, The Christmas Train , being made into a Hallmark film back in 2018. After miraculously recovering from an unexplain