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Hallmark's "In the Key of Love" QUIZ!

Starring:   Laura Osnes and Scott Michael Foster Released:   2019 Summary:   A photographer finds out that her ex-boyfriend/ex-singing partner plans on attending the wedding that she's working, but they start to remember the good times. Image:  Crown Media, United States LLC Do People Plan Such Elaborate Weddings? Posh weddings are expected from the rich and famous, but do ordinary people travel to islands, buy deluxe packages that include tons of activities for their group, and pay for a photographer to follow them for several days? If you're planning a wedding any time soon, don't let your wedding party see this movie--it sets the bar way too high! Weddings Rarely Go Off Without a Hitch The most hilarious part of this movie is when the florist's refrigerator dies along with most of the flowers for the Colby-Robertson wedding.  Evelyn shares the news to dramatic music, as if she's dropping the bomb that a first-degree relative has un