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Wes Brown Delivers Perfection In Hallmark's "Sweet Pecan Summer," But Christine Ko Bombs

Starring:  Christine Ko and Wes Brown Released:  2021-Summer Nights Summary:  Sparks fly between a woman and her ex-boyfriend as they work together to sell her aunt's pecan farm. Wes Brown and Christine Ko definitely don't make a believable match.  Image: Crown Media Hallmark Rolls The Diversity Dice Instead Of Casting Couples With Chemistry After a long day, it's nice to unwind with a feel-good Hallmark romance movie.  Most of us don't care what race the couple is as long as the casting director paired two people together who can actually act and create sparks for the viewers. When Crown Media CEO, Wonya Lucas, vowed to include more diversity in Hallmark movies, one might have assumed that meant adding more couples who were black, Asian, Hispanic, Italian, or from some other ethnic group. We are finding that is not the case. These days, Hallmark often sacrifices good story-telling and smart casting for identity politics.  Roughly 10% of the American population is in an