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UPDATED: Hallmark Announces FIVE New Movies for May 2023!

Between Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, fans have been treated to 12 new movies spanning March and April 2023.   As TV infomercials always tease, " But wait!  There's more !"   Hallmark is cranking out an additional FIVE  new movies during May 2023. 1.  When Love Springs Premieres May 6 at 8pm Eastern This movie uses the "fake boyfriend" trope.  Starring Rhiannon Fish and James William O'Halloran, the movie is about Rory (Fish) who goes to a quaint B&B on the lake where her parents are renewing their vows.  She bumps into the ex-boyfriend who broke who heart who is there with his new girlfriend.  To save face, Rory grabs onto the B&B owner, Noah (O'Halloran), and pretends he is her boyfriend.  Why would Noah go along with this charade?  The B&B is failing, but a travel blogger is coming to review the place.  With a background in PR, Rory offers to help Noah prepare in exchange for him pretending to be her boyfriend. Yo

Do Hallmark's Nadia Hatta & Kristoffer Polaha Make "A Winning Team?" Vote!

When a pro soccer player is suspended, she teams up with a laid-back, small-town coach to lead her niece's team to the playoffs. Starring:  Nadia Hatta and Kristoffer Polaha  Image:  Hallmark Media What Is A Winning Team About? Emily Chen is the star player of her professional soccer team, but she has a serious attitude problem.  When a referee ejects her from the game for the third time in the season, her coach suspends her indefinitely. Emily's widower brother and niece coax her to leave Chicago and join them in their small town of Southern Pines.  With no other plans but to continue training, Emily needs the love and support of her family as much as they need her to fill the void left by her sister-in-law's passing from cancer. Emily first encounters Ian on the soccer field during a game with his buddies.  They let her play, and since she is hyper-competitive, Emily accidentally injures Ian's ankle. Not realizing the man she sidelined is her niece Ava's soccer

Fans Are Noticing THIS About Michael Rady in Hallmark's "Unexpected Grace"

Unexpected Grace is about a girl named Grace who finds a note from a schoolgirl looking for a friend.  When Grace writes back, it sets off a chain of events that ultimately changes the lives of three people. Starring:  Erica Durance and Michael Rady Image:  Hallmark Media Hallmark Fans Have Missed Michael Rady! Michael Rady stole our hearts by cementing himself as a charming male lead in Hallmark movies.  He brought authenticity to each character and could carry a movie on his own, even on the occasions when his co-star was less than impressive. Have you seen all of Rady's Hallmark movies?  Here's the list: Cloudy with a Chance of Love (2015) Christmas in Homestead (2016) A Joyous Christmas (2017) Christmas at Pemberley Manor (2018) Love to the Rescue (2019) Two Turtle Doves (2019) You're Bacon Me Crazy (2020) The Christmas Bow (2020) A New Year's Resolution (2021) Scruffy or clean-shaven, Rady always glowed onscreen. Then, he disappeared from Hallmark for two y

"Spring into Love" 2023-Your Chance to Win One of These Classic Hallmark DVDs in Our Giveaway!

Are you one of the Hallmark fans who finds yourself saying, "I love the older Hallmark movies better than the newer ones?" If that's you, check out this DVD giveaway featuring two of Hallmark's reliable favorites--no duds here! Hallmark DVDs Featured in Our Giveaway You've seen these Hallmark movies before, so you know they've stood the test of time--everyone loves them!  Here are the two DVDs we're giving away and the synopsis of each: Love on Safari Starring Queen of Hallmark, Lacey Chabert, along with Jon Cor, Love on Safari  is filmed on location in South Africa.  It's about a woman who inherits an African wildlife reserve and travels there to see the property and decide whether to sell or keep it.  While visiting, she meets the property's ranger who's determined to stop the sale. Love on Safari was first released in 2018, and it's a fun movie sprinkled with wise African proverbs and a whole lot of love. Image:  Hallmark Media It Wa