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Hallmark's "The Color of Rain" DVD GIVEAWAY!

Summer Is Winding Down It's hard to believe kids will be heading back to school soon and that Labor Day is just around the corner--didn't summer just start?   Don't worry, you still have time to do a few more cannon balls from the diving board. Summer Nights movies are still showing on Hallmark Channel through August, so we are going to continue celebrating what's left of the season with a DVD giveaway! What Are We Giving Away We are giving away the DVD The Color of Rain , one of the most poignant stories told through a Hallmark movie. If you've tried to find this DVD online, you know it's either unavailable, or people are asking a fortune! The Color of Rain tells the true story of Gina Kell and Michael Spehn losing their spouses, finding love again, and blending their two families.  It is a tear-jerker!   Read more about the Spehn family's true story .   How Can You Win? The only catch is that you have to be a member of our Facebook group, Hallmark Movi