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Thoughts on Hallmark's "Falling for Look Lodge"

Starring:  Jonathan Keltz and Clark Backo Released:  2020 Summary:  A woman who aspires to work as a hotel event coordinator is given an opportunity by helping a hotel guest work on the final touches for his sister's wedding. Image:  Crown Media Fans Love the Scenery & the Autumn Elements Falling for Look Lodge has some seasonal components Hallmark fans are happy to see--fall leaves on the ground, colorful trees, pumpkins, fall wreaths and garlands, hay bales, a bonfire, s'mores, and pumpkin spice lattes.   The movie was filmed in Canada, with most scenes being shot at Strathmere Retreat in Ottawa.  The favorite lookout point and the gorgeous trails should inspire us all to take a fall hike to savor the sights of this beautiful season. Nerdy Is Not the New Sexy When Hallmark vowed to become more inclusive, who knew they meant replacing stud muffin leading men with awkward and unmanly types like Noah (Jonathan Keltz)?  The irony here is that Hallmark endeavors to combat st

Hallmark's "Moonlight in Vermont"--A QUIZ, A Poll, Fun Facts About Syrup, & the Book

Starring:   Lacey Chabert and Carlo Marks Released:  2017 Summary:   After a breakup, an upscale real estate agent visits her family's inn in Vermont to rest and rethink things, but her ex shows up with a new girlfriend. Image:  Crown Media Happy Couples Upset Fiona It's funny how our personal circumstances give us tunnel vision.  If you're trying to have a baby, you notice everyone who is pregnant or pushing strollers.  It seems like everyone you talk to has the perfect job when you are miserable in yours and can't find a better one.  When you're struggling with health issues, you see everyone jogging or walking their dogs, making you feel isolated in your pain.   Nate grows weary of just being one more thing Fiona has to juggle in her busy schedule.  Fiona should have seen this coming, but when he ends their relationship, she's gutted.  Even as time ticks on, she knows exactly how many weeks, days, and hours it has been since they parted ways.   Everywhere

5 Ways YOU Can Support Our Hallmark Facebook Groups , Blogs, & Contests

Our Hallmark Facebook Community Is A Family--Invite Your Friends! I am so grateful for each and every one of you who has joined and actively participates in our Hallmark movie Facebook group.  Hopefully, you've found our group to be a happy place and an escape from the stresses of everyday life. Even if our friends and family poke fun of us for our addiction to Hallmark movies, our group provides a safe environment where everyone can share their thoughts and opinions freely and respectfully, even though we sometimes have to kindly agree to disagree.  It's okay!  No need for conformity here.  The world would be a boring place if we robotically agreed with everyone (though if any bully turns things into a  personal attack, they will get the boot for being a meanie pants). One way you can support our Facebook group is to invite others to join us!  Help us grow ! Share My Blog Posts Although links to relevant Hallmark articles are shared within our group, many of you may not reali

Many Fans Disappointed By Hallmark's "Follow Me to Daisy Hills"

Starring:  Cindy Busby and Marshall Williams Released:  2020 Summary:  A woman faces uneasy feelings when her father tries to save their failing family general store by calling in her ex-boyfriend for some help. Image:  Crown Media Cindy Busby and Marshall Williams Aren't Powerful Leads We Hallmark fans have our favorite leading Hallmark actors, and when they star in a new movie, we can watch them over and over.  My favorite is Lacey Chabert, and I never grow tired of her.  For you, it may be someone else. Across the board, Cindy Busby does not have a strong appeal with the Hallmark fan base. Ryan Paevey groupies enjoyed her in the Mr. Darcy movies, but when she popped up in consecutive seasonal releases-- A Godwink Christmas:  Meant for Love, Love in the Forecast, Romance in the Air, and now Follow Me to Daisy Hills-- fans are losing enthusiasm for movies where she's the lead. Why can't Busby win over Hallmark fans?  She's cute, upbeat, and her acting performance is pr

Hallmark Fall Harvest Movies Available on DVD

Your Favorite Fall Hallmark Movies Are On DVD! It's almost Fall, and Hallmark fans are excited about new Fall Harvest movie premieres.  We've had our fun in the summer sun, but now we're looking forward to cider, pumpkin everything, bonfires, and cozy clothes.   While we eagerly wait for the newly anticipated releases, we can curl up under our favorite blanket and get our fill of fall movies from past years. Not every Fall Harvest movie is available on DVD, but many are.   If you're in the mood for a burst of autumn, consider adding one or more of these fall flicks to your Hallmark collection.  Any that you purchase through my affiliate links are greatly appreciated and helps me continue to share these niche blog posts and periodic giveaways and contests through my Facebook group, Hallmark Seasons of Love . Don't See One You Love On The List? The quick reference list below is a compilation of all the Hallmark Fall Harvest movies currently available through Amazon;

Hallmark's "My Secret Valentine" QUIZ!

Starring:  Lacey Chabert and Andrew Walker Released:  2018 Summary:  When a savvy salesman arrives to buy a family's beloved winery, a young woman follows the advice she receives from chalkboard notes left by a mysterious house rental tenant. Image:  Crown Media The Family Wine Business Chloe Grange comes home to visit and learns her dad wants to retire, so he's toying with the idea of selling the family wine business.   Seth Anderson works for Stratosphere, a boxed wine company, and his promotion depends on him acquiring Grange Family Wines. Chloe is conflicted. She doesn't want her dad to sell the business because it's been in their family for generations, and she especially doesn't want him to sell it to a boxed wine company.  She feels it cheapens their reputable brand. Despite being determined to not like Seth, Chloe is impressed at the lengths he goes to in order to understand and appreciate their wine business from top to bottom to truly grasp their company&#

What Did You Think of Hallmark's "Romance in the Air?"

Starring:  Cindy Busby and Torrance Coombs Released: 2020 Summary:  A woman returns to where she used to spend her summers after learning her job is on the line, and there, she's reunited with her childhood friend. Image:  Crown Media Do You Have a Summer Getaway? If you're a country girl like me, it's probably hard to imagine spending every summer at Lake Tahoe, like Eden's family did.  We didn't have that kind of money, but we made just as many fun memories camping for one week every summer. Do you have a favorite place you visit each year?  Maybe you make an annual trek to the beach or Disney World.  If you have a special place you return to regularly, be sure to share it in the comment section. Eden is surprised to find Riley, her childhood friend, still living at Lake Tahoe, and they manage to quickly reconnect despite the number of years that have passed. Paycheck Versus Fulfillment Eden is in marketing, but she's lost her enthusiasm and edge.  She likes

Hallmark's "A Summer Romance:" Dude Ranches, Cowboy Code, & a Movie QUIZ

Starring:  Erin Krakow and Ryan Paevey Released:  2019 Summary:  A woman dedicated to taking care of her family's ranch and legacy finds herself falling in love after a developer shows up to try and buy the property from her. Image:  Crown Media How Does Sam Walker Control Herself? Even though A Summer Romance i s filmed in various locations in Canada, including Vancouver, the movie setting is Bighorn, Montana, which really is a county in Montana with a population of roughly 12,865.   In other words, it's not every day that a local is likely to bump into someone as gorgeous as Richard Belmont (Paevey).   Even though Richard is in town to convince Sam to sell him her ranch, he ends up falling in love with the land and her.  He tries to make a move on Sam several times, which we know will go nowhere since the proverbial kiss must wait until the final scene, but Sam's self-control is impressive.  She resists him until the very end. Could you have held out that long if Paeve