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What Do You Love Most About Winter?

You don't have to like winter to love Hallmark's Winterfest.  Despite the nip in the air, our leading lady never gives her man the cold shoulder, nor does he ever dismiss her as a flake .  They fall in love in three seconds, and we are snow happy if the final lip lock melts thick ice. Image:  Crown Media, LLC What Do You Love Most About Winter? Don't you dare say, when it's over! In Winter in Vail , Lacey Chabert's character is fascinated by all the stars that are visible in the night sky--they are so clear, unlike in Los Angeles where the city lights make them impossible to see. Her uncle's chalet is off the beaten path and insulated with snow.  She marvels at the absolute quiet. Quiet --that's one of my favorite things about winter.  If you live in a warm climate, you may never get the chance to notice it. The birds aren't singing.  An orchestra of mowers isn't playing.  Leaf blowers aren't whirring.  The joyful s