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Review of Hallmark's "Love in the Forecast"

Starring:  Cindy Busby and Christopher Russell Released:  2020 Summary:  A woman swears off dating for a full year, but she quickly learns that her commitment has made her a magnet for men. Image:  Crown Media Is Hallmark Typecasting Christopher Russell? It seems only recently that Christopher Russell has risen to stardom on Hallmark Channel.  Despite being in films like Midnight Masquerade, Merry Matrimony, and Love Unleashed, his popularity skyrocketed after his most recent releases:  The Mistletoe Secret , Nature of Love , and Love in the Forecast . Interestingly, Hallmark's last two movies cast Russell as a nature lover.  In Nature of Love , he's a rugged outdoorsman and tour guide, and in Love in the Forecast , he's a dairy farmer who relies on nature to predict the weather rather than meteorologists.   If you're a fan of Russell's, I'm sure you'll agree it doesn't matter what role he plays as long as we get to see that gorgeous face as often as pos