Review of Hallmark's "Love in the Forecast"

Starring:  Cindy Busby and Christopher Russell

Released:  2020

Summary:  A woman swears off dating for a full year, but she quickly learns that her commitment has made her a magnet for men.

Image:  Crown Media

Is Hallmark Typecasting Christopher Russell?

It seems only recently that Christopher Russell has risen to stardom on Hallmark Channel.  Despite being in films like Midnight Masquerade, Merry Matrimony, and Love Unleashed, his popularity skyrocketed after his most recent releases:  The Mistletoe Secret, Nature of Love, and Love in the Forecast.

Interestingly, Hallmark's last two movies cast Russell as a nature lover.  In Nature of Love, he's a rugged outdoorsman and tour guide, and in Love in the Forecast, he's a dairy farmer who relies on nature to predict the weather rather than meteorologists.  

If you're a fan of Russell's, I'm sure you'll agree it doesn't matter what role he plays as long as we get to see that gorgeous face as often as possible!

Here's my forecast:  Russell is always going to be HOT!

Nature IS More Reliable Than Meteorologists!

Meteorologists use high-tech equipment to predict the weather, but they get it wrong all too often.  If the local weather man flipped a coin, his odds of calling it right would improve.  Hallmark knows faulty forecasts are something we all contend with, so this story line is very relatable to viewers.

Even after obtaining her degree in meteorology, Leah Waddell learns predicting the weather isn't an exact science and learns to appreciate the tell-tale signs from Mother Nature:

  • Count the number of cricket chirps in 14 seconds and then add 40 to get the temperature.
  • Daisy petals close when it's going to rain.
  • Birds fly lower when it's going to rain.
After days of unending rain, Leah's promotion is contingent upon her accurately informing viewers when to expect the sun again--which she does, thanks to the synergy between science and nature.

The Secret to Attracting Men

Leah hasn't been lucky at love, yet when she swears off dating for a year, she is thronged with suitors.

Hallmark herniates the volume of attention Leah receives to the point of ridiculousness, but there is some truth laced into this fictional account.  Men are hypersensitive to desperation, and it's a real-turn off to them.  On the other hand, independence is attractive because men like a challenge.  When a woman's too easy, a man will quickly lose interest and drop her like a hot potato.  

If you're still on the market, remember the secret--intrigue a man by letting him chase you for a while.  Don't be a sure thing.  The old cliche, it's not the catch, it's the thrill of the hunt, still holds true.  

Were Cindy Busby and Emilie Ullerup Separated at Birth?

If you confused Love in the Forecast with Nature of Love, you're not the only one!  Both star Russell opposite two women who look like they could be sisters!

Cindy Busby-Image: Crown Media 
Emilie Ullerup-Image: Crown Media

What Did You Think of the Kiss?

Cindy Busby seems hesitant when it's time for the climactic kiss.  Is she intimidated by Russell's absolute perfection?  

I know it's the Hallmark Channel, but I expect fireworks!  After all, we are all vicariously kissing Russell through her--make us feel it, woman!

If you would like to read an interesting and revealing interview Parade did with Busby, you can find it here.

My Rating

This movie is cute and fresh, adding different angles from the typical Hallmark formula.  Busby is upbeat, fun, and high-energy.  Russell could stand still and never speak, and I would be happy just to look at him.


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