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Hallmark's "Follow Your Heart" Provides an Interesting Look Into Amish Culture

Starring:  Galadriel Stineman and Kevin Joy Released:  2020 Summary:  A travel writer leaves her Amish ways behind her, but when she returns home to settle her father's affairs, she is tempted to return to her former lifestyle. Image:  Crown Media What Is There To Miss? When Kathy returns to her Arkansas Amish community, she receives an icy reception from everyone but her friend, Hazel, and her childhood friend, Isaac.  Her own sister, Miriam, makes it clear to Kathy that she is no longer welcome. Kathy is a successful writer who has traveled the world, and now she has the chance to be on TV with her boyfriend, Jack. famous on TV or live with no electricity or indoor plumbing?  Be free to roam in a car or airplane, or be confined to the nearby community with only a horse and buggy as a mode of travel?  I don't know about you, but boiling water to dump into an old wash tub sounds repellent in every way. Do you wonder how Kathy could even be remotely tempted to return to