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Thoughts & a TRIVIA QUIZ on Hallmark's "Don't Forget I Love You"

Don't Forget I Love You Plot Summary   A woman opens the time capsule left to her by her deceased mother on her birthday, and she finds a list of challenges her mother hoped would help her find love. Starring:   Emilie Ullerup and Clayton James Image:  Crown Media The "Challenges" Might Be Good For All of Us! Don't many of us eventually cocoon into our comfort zones?  We find a groove that works for us, and we feel safe there. Why not shake things up a little!  The challenges Taylor (Ullerup) must complete in honor of her mother's wishes might be an elixir we could all use to refresh what has become mundane in our lives. Remember what they were? Get to know someone new. Do something you're afraid of. Play hookey for a day and do nothing or anything. Join a team. Be spontaneous. Tell someone you love them. If you're married, get your spouse on board to add a little spice to your daily grind.  If you're single, maybe the challenges will work their magi