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Take This QUIZ on Hallmark's "Taking a Shot at Love"

Starring:  Alexa PenaVega and Luke MacFarlane Released:  2021 Summary:  A former professional dancer is using ballet to help a hockey player get back on the ice. Taking a Shot at Love premiered January 2, 2021.  Image:  Crown Media Do Stud Athletes Really Take Ballet? Ballet is such a delicate and overtly feminine art form that seemingly has no place for excessive testosterone from buff athletes, but if men can dodge the jabs, jeers, and stigmatization, it offers them a unique form of cross-training to give them an advantage over their competition. What do you think of Luke MacFarlane in ballet shoes?  He's still a hunk! Ballet improves an athlete's agility, coordination, flexibility, balance, footwork, core strength, and lateral movement.  Learning the jumps in ballet is extremely cardiovascular.  With it's precise movements, ballet strengthens muscles and tendons a person might never use otherwise.  This is beneficial, not only to hockey players, but to those involved in