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Hallmark's "The Color of Rain" DVD GIVEAWAY!

Summer Is Winding Down It's hard to believe kids will be heading back to school soon and that Labor Day is just around the corner--didn't summer just start?   Don't worry, you still have time to do a few more cannon balls from the diving board. Summer Nights movies are still showing on Hallmark Channel through August, so we are going to continue celebrating what's left of the season with a DVD giveaway! What Are We Giving Away We are giving away the DVD The Color of Rain , one of the most poignant stories told through a Hallmark movie. If you've tried to find this DVD online, you know it's either unavailable, or people are asking a fortune! The Color of Rain tells the true story of Gina Kell and Michael Spehn losing their spouses, finding love again, and blending their two families.  It is a tear-jerker!   Read more about the Spehn family's true story .   How Can You Win? The only catch is that you have to be a member of our Facebook group, Hallmark Movi

Hallmark's "The Baker's Son" Movie QUIZ!

Starring:  Eloise Mumford and Brant Daugherty  Released:  2021 Summary:  When a baker who is known for his brilliantly made bread loses his magic touch, the local islanders panic over their loss and turn to the man's true love for help. Childhood friends, adult sweethearts.  Image: Crown Media Mayor Seeks To Revitalize Windward Tourism is down in Windward, so Mayor Walter plans a Pioneer Days Festival to celebrate the island's 200th anniversary. Mayor Walter Rasmussen is played by Haig Sutherland  Image: Crown Media When Mrs. Dean brings a ballet troupe to Windward, it's just the break the town needs.  Mrs. Dean pulls a few strings, and the news media arrives to cover the story of a ballet company being in town.   Matt Duval (Daugherty) is instantly smitten with the lead ballerina, Nicole (who is a real-life ballerina, by the way).  His infatuation inspires him to bake the best bread of his life.  When the TV crew tastes it, they are impressed enough to mention it in their

Hallmark's "Sweet Carolina" & "Winter in Vail"-Which Is Your Favorite?

Starring:  Lacey Chabert and Tyler Hynes Sweet Carolina Summary:  A busy marketing executive returns to her childhood home in order to become a guardian to her niece and nephew, and she also reconnects with an  ex-boyfriend.   (Released 2021) Winter in Vail Summary:  A woman inherits a house in Vail, Colorado, and soon stumbles across a man she develops a connection with, and together, the two of them put on a festival. (Released 2020) Winter in Vail-Image: Crown Media Sweet Carolina-Image:  Crown Media Which Story Is More Unique? Winter in Vail  was a resounding success when it aired during Winterfest in 2020.  Fans were enthralled with the chemistry, especially the final kiss between Lacey Chabert and Tyler Hynes when they were on the deck looking at the stars. Image:  Crown Media While many Hallmark movies incorporate a town festival, the Strudel Fest in this movie is really unique.   Chelsea learns her Uncle Grady had been a pastry chef, known for his legendary strudel, and she fi

What Hallmark Movies Have Been Released To DVD In 2021 So Far?

Hallmark DVD's Released Through Amazon In 2021 When you see a new Hallmark movie for the first time and love it, you cross your fingers and hope Hallmark will release it to DVD.  Not all movies make it to video.   Multiple vendors distribute Hallmark DVD's, so sometimes Walmart or Target will offer a movie before Amazon does. These Hallmark DVD's can be ordered through Amazon. For the purpose of this post, we are sharing which Hallmark movies have been released on DVD through Amazon so far in 2021, including those that are currently available for pre-order. You will notice a few movies are older releases, but they are being bundled with other movies to form a thematic set. January 2021 January saw a bumper crop of Hallmark movies coming to DVD--something for everyone!                                                                               February 2021 A little Aurora Teagarden mystery along with Niall Matter and Jessy Schram