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Do You Think Hallmark's "Love on Harbor Island" Is a Dud? Take the Survey!

Starring:  Morgan Kohan and Marcus Rosner Released:  2020 Summary:  An interior designer returns to her hometown to help her aunt run her inn, but while working, she meets a handsome seaplane pilot. Image:  Crown Media Talk About Missing a Thumbprint! You might remember Morgan Kohan for her role as Lillian Walsh in When Hope Calls.  Hallmark builds Kohan a bridge to the summer release,  Love on Harbor Island,  by naming her character Lily Summers .  Nice touch, Hallmark.  You made a thumbprint. Lily is a talented interior designer who produces impressive results, but when she interviews within her company for a better position, her boss tells her they will "circle back" to the possibility at a later time.  As it stands, Lily's designs lack her "essence" and her "thumbprint," so her boss advises her to find what inspires her. Hence, the trip home to Harbor Island (plus, her aunt suffers a fall and needs help). Lily's interior designs aren't the

Take this Quiz on Hallmark's "Love on Safari" & Share Your Favorite "Proverb"

Starring:  Lacey Chabert and Jon Cor Released: 2018 Summary:  When a woman inherits an African wildlife reserve, she travels to her new property, where she meets a ranger determined to save the reserve from being sold. Image:  Crown Media This Movie Has Some Great Proverbs A proverb is a pithy saying that shares a truth or nugget of advice.  Every culture has them.  They are so commonplace and cliche, we quote them in the right circumstances without much thought. Here are a few top American proverbs : Don't count your chickens before they're hatched. Don't make a mountain out of a molehill. It's always darkest before the dawn. There are plenty more fish in the sea. The early bird catches the worm. What goes around comes around. Some might think proverbs are just the language of country bumpkins or old sayings grandma used because they don't necessarily sound educated, but we all use them.  Think you don't?  Then check out this list of common American proverbs,

Hallmark's "All Summer Long" QUIZ!!

Starring:  Autumn Reeser and Brennan Elliott  Released:  2019 Summary:  A woman has a dream of being the captain of a dining cruise, but her aspirations hit a wall after her ex-boyfriend gets hired as a chef for the restaurant. Image:  Crown Media Do You Love Being On The Water? Some people just love the water.  They are water bugs.  They are happiest when they are on the lake, by the ocean, or at the pool. Does that describe you?  If so, you can relate to Tia Larkin (Reeser).  Tia might be an attorney at her dad's law firm, but her heart belongs at sea.  The demands of her career schedule make her feel like she's on a short leash.  She only has time to putter to nearby destinations and no time for exploring on longer excursions. We all can relate to this.  We imagine relaxing, recreational things we'd like to do, but responsibilities and overloaded schedules never  seem to let us get to them.  If we do squeeze in some fun, it's short-lived. When Tia wraps up a big case

"Wedding at Graceland" DVD GIVEAWAY!!

What Are We Giving Away? This August giveaway is about celebrating weddings! Nuptials look a bit different this year, with large gatherings being banned in many states due to coronavirus restrictions.  If you are planning to tie the knot in 2020, we hope you've found a way to make it magical, even if it's not how you imagined the best day of your life transpiring. We are giving away a Wedding at Graceland DVD , starring Wes Brown and Kellie Pickler .  Image:  Crown Media People often have a strong reaction to Kellie Pickler--they either really love her, or really hate her.  So, if you are in the second group, don't complain, just pass on this giveaway opportunity. How Do You Enter the Giveaway? **You need to share a memory from your own wedding with our Facebook group .**  If you're not married, don't worry!  You can share a detail you'd like to incorporate into your special day once it gets here, maybe the venue where your ceremony will be held or where you