Hallmark's "A Country Wedding" QUIZ, Music Video, & a Poll!

Starring:  Jesse Metcalfe and Autumn Reeser

Released:  2015

Summary:  A popular country-western musician reconsiders his career and his upcoming wedding after reconnecting with his childhood love in his rural hometown.

Image:  Crown Media

Music Lyric Sets the Stage

Not only is Cowboy Rides Away an awesome song actually played and sung by Jesse Metcalfe, but one line from it sums up the entire movie:

Sometimes the cowboy rides away.  Sometimes he rides back home to stay.

It's not like we haven't seen this in past Hallmark movies.  The main character is a huge success in his or her respective field, but the small town they couldn't wait to leave ends up being their ultimate source of inspiration.  Home is safe, authentic, and restorative.  

Knowing Hallmark's plot formula, you already anticipate Bradley Sutton will never leave Milltown once he rediscovers his roots, but the lyrics from Cowboy Rides Away alleviates any concerns.  

Metcalfe only had 12-13 days of preparation to learn a 110-page script and be able to sing and play three songs on the guitar.  Wow!  This gives us a renewed appreciation for his talent and versatility as an actor, singer, and performer.

How Much Input Do Men Have in Wedding Planning?

When it comes to wedding planning, Catherine and Bradley are worlds apart in their ideas on the perfect ceremony.  Catherine wants a lavish affair in Italy, and Bradley wants to tie the knot in the barn.

The two continue making separate plans throughout the movie, with Sarah providing an enormous amount of help to Bradley.

Come on!  What fiance is going to be okay with her man's ex-girlfriend assisting with the wedding plans?  What could possibly go wrong?

Once Catherine realizes Bradley is set on marrying her in a barn, she appears agreeable, though she continues to proceed with her own plans for the "real wedding" in Italy. 

Many a girl dreams of her wedding day years in advance.  How many would be willing to let her man call so many shots?  In eras past, women made the plans, and men just showed up.  In modern times, couples tend to be more democratic.  

Can you remember planning your own wedding (maybe you're even in the process now)?  Take the poll below on how much you involved your spouse in the decision-making:

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How Well Do You Know Your Spouse?

As Sarah starts falling for Bradley, she tells him he's planning to marry a complete stranger.  Catherine Mann is a celebrity who shares Bradley's hectic lifestyle.  On that front, they understand the importance of schedules, busy careers, and time apart.  It's just not enough.  

Sarah points out that Bradley doesn't know Catherine's favorite flower, flavor, or color.  He doesn't know her food allergy.  Most important, he has no idea where Catherine stands on whether or not to have kids.

Bradley decides a simpler life is what the two of them need, so he drops a bomb on Catherine that he plans for them to live permanently in his hometown to raise a family.  Things fall apart from there.  Catherine has no interest in country life or having kids.  She is still recovering from the shock that there are no classy restaurants in Milltown because people cook their own food.

In other words, Milltown is a quaint place to visit, but she doesn't want to live there.

Sarah understands Bradley, even more than he understands himself.  She reminds him of the joys he experienced as a kid--fishing, horseback riding, ranching, and watching the stars.  Thanks to Sarah, Bradley discovers who he really is, and it's more than just a famous country music star.

How well do you know your spouse or significant other?  Ask yourself these questions about them:

  • What are his hobbies?
  • What are his favorite foods?
  • What is his favorite color?
  • Does he like to travel?
  • What's his favorite movie?
  • If he has a college degree, what is it in?
  • What was his first job?
  • What was the name of his high school?
  • Does he prefer spending time indoors or outdoors?
  • What type of games does he like to play, if any?
  • What's his favorite sport?
  • Who's his favorite singer?
Yes, these details are fairly inconsequential, but if you don't know some of the answers, they be conversation starters!

The Movie Has One "Duh!" Moment

Just before Bradley is called onstage at a local bar to grace the audience with a song, he shares a dance with Sarah.  Though he won't admit it to himself, he's starting to fall for her and kisses her while they dance.  He later blames it on being "caught up in the moment," be we viewers know better!  He is crushing!

Sarah is upset.  She's becoming emotionally attached to Bradley, and the kiss means something to her.  However, she knows he's planning to marry another woman and leave town.  She has every right to be upset with him for leading her on with no promises.

This should be obvious to Bradley.  Yet, when Sarah distances herself from him and offers a cooler shoulder, he is baffled.  What could he have possibly done to upset her?  He literally cannot figure it out.  

If this were a Back to the Future movie, now would be the time for Biff to grab him by the head while shouting, Hello, McFly!

Amazing Chemistry!

Metcalfe and Reeser share such chemistry, you want them to be an item in real life (but they aren't). Reeser is so charming as "the girl next door," and her lack of heavy make-up combined with a rancher's clothing gear makes her look even more country fresh.  It is just wrong, however, for any woman to have such a tiny waist!

Image:  Bettina Strauss

Thanks go Sarah, Bradley finds comfort in "home" again, which he had avoided since the death of his parents.  

Despite Sarah losing the ranch (which Bradley buys), and despite Catherine trying to maneuver Sarah out of state, our couple has the barn wedding of their dreams.

A Country Wedding Is Available On DVD, Prime Video, Or Book

The DVD availability is hit and miss on Amazon.  Sometimes it's in stock, and sometimes it's not.  Prices also vary.  Click on the DVD link below for current availability:

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Hallmark Publishing also released A Country Wedding as a novel based on the movie, which you can purchase in paperback, audio book, or for your Kindle.

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