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Hallmark's "Chasing Waterfalls" Reunites Cindy Busby & Christopher Russell

Chasing Waterfalls Plot Summary A photographer visits an isolated lodge in search of scenic waterfalls and other idyllic natural features to capture alongside her attractive guide. Starring:    Cindy Busby & Christopher Russell (2021) Image:  Crown Media Vote For Your Favorite Busby/Russell Hallmark Movie Fans loved Cindy Busby and Christopher Russell when the two paired up for 2020's Love in the Forecast , and so Hallmark Channel reunited them for a 2021 Spring Fling premiere.  It's the third Hallmark movie featuring Russell as a nature man who thrills female viewers with the rugged way he tames the wilderness and survives the elements--he's the epitome of masculinity. You may remember Love in the Forecast  was about a dairy farmer teaching a meteorologist how to predict the weather via nature rather than high-tech equipment. Image: Crown Media Busby and Russell have become friends over the course of filming two movies together, and you can sense their comfort level

Hallmark's "Fit for a Prince" an Adorable Cinderella Story, Minus the Odd Ending

Starring:  Natalie Hall and Jonathan Keltz Released:  2021 Summary:  An aspiring fashion designer is the talent behind a high-profile designer, but she longs to have her own business.  Hired to dress ladies of a wealthy family hosting an upcoming charity ball, Cindy's life takes an unexpected turn when Prince Ronan becomes smitten with her and takes note of her talent for design.   Image:  Crown Media   A Modern Cinderella Story Fit for a Prince  was written by T. Booker James, who did an excellent job in putting a fun spin on an old fairytale. In place of Cinderella, we have Cindy Cordella--notice the similarity in names.  Cindy is the creative seamstress genius behind all the dresses in the Rebecca Raslyn line, but since Raslyn takes all the credit initially, that casts her into the part of the wicked step-mother.  Cindy relies on a team of people to help her sew, however, and not an eclectic group of mice and birds.   Ronan is our Prince Charming, and Julia and Brooke are like

Hallmark's "It Was Always You"--Thoughts & Two Fun Polls

Starring:   Erin Krakow and Tyler Hynes Released:  2021 Summary:  A fiancĂ©e starts to question her life choices and puts her future engagement plans in doubt upon the arrival of her betrothed's free-spirited brother. Image:  Crown Media Do You Have Wanderlust? When Elizabeth Hall (Erin Krakow) returns to Echo Beach for her engagement party, hosted by George's mom, she questions whether or not marrying George (Giles Panton) might be a mistake. They have their dental practice in common, but aside from that, are they too different?  To be with George, the proverbial "stick-in-the-mud" who never wants to stray far from his dental office, Elizabeth must sacrifice her desire to travel and see the world.   When Elizabeth reconnects with George's brother, David Belling (Tyler Hynes), he manages to fan the flames of her wanderlust.  David reminds her of the note she'd written when she was 13 of all the places she wanted to explore in Italy.   bike trail guide Lightn

"Playing Cupid" Is Based On A Book & Features Leads From Outside Hallmark World

Starring:  Laura Vandervoort, Nicholas Gonzalez, and Mia Quaranta De La Rosa  Released:  2021 Summary:  A 13-year old student is assigned to create her own small business and decides to start a matchmaking service for her "clients."  Image:  Crown Media The Movie Is Based On A Book When Hallmark strays outside of their own little world to find new stories to tell in their movies, it's always a breath of fresh air. It might surprise you that Playing Cupid   isn't based on an adult romance novel, but on a juvenile fiction book targeting tweeners--kids ages 8-12.  In author Jenny Meyerhoff's version, the focus is on Clara being a new student at Austen Middle School, but when she finds she has a talent for matchmaking, she uses her skills for a 7th grade class project.  Clara isn't looking for a match for herself, but she ends up with a secret admirer.  The book is filled with all the boy-girl drama one expects from middle school!  You can purchase this  Scholast