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Hallmark's "Journey of My Heart" QUIZ

Starring:  Rhiannon Fish and Darien Martin Released:  2021-Summer Nights Summary:  A wildlife biologist travels to Alaska where she finds inspirational guidance from a Native American family plus an unexpected romance with a rugged wilderness guide. Abby captures some great shots that will help her complete an updated eagle census.   Image: Crown Media Journey of My Heart Similar to Chasing Waterfalls Rhiannan Fish and Darien Martin score two thumbs-up from Hallmark fans who love this story about a study of the eagle population on Native American land. As always, Hallmark's focus remains on diversity, hence the inclusion of indigenous people in the script and cast, but non-woke fans enjoy it anyway. After all, the scenery is breath-taking, even though the movie is filmed in Vancouver rather than the story's Alaskan setting.   Image: Crown Media Just like Chasing Waterfalls where Cindy Busby falls in love with her rugged nature guide, Christopher Russell, Rhiannon Fish captur