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Hallmark's "Love in Store" QUIZ!!

Starring:  Alexandra Breckenridge and Robert Buckley Released:  2020 Summary:  Rival home shopping hosts with different selling styles are forced together as they compete for a promotion, but they find themselves having on-air chemistry. Image:  Crown Media, United States LLC Kids Like Watching Home Shopping Networks? In this movie, Terrie Carpenter reveals being a TV host on SHC's home shopping show is fulfilling her lifelong dream.  Being a child in a divorced family, she always looked up to Sharon St. Clair, the woman in charge of SHC, because she was a woman who had it all together when Terrie's life was a mess.  Terrie always watched the show with her grandma and dreamed of one day having her own segment on the show. Do kids like home shopping channels? I liked watching shows with my granny too as a kid--like Three's Company or The Andy Griffith Show , but I would leave when it was time for her to watch Rockford Files or Matlock.  (Yes, I am datin