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"Taking the Reins" Serves As A Great Movie Metaphor

Starring:  Nikki DeLoach, Scott Porter, and Corbin Bernsen Released:  2021 (Fall Harvest) Summary:  A writer looking for a cover story returns to her family's ranch to write an article about an equestrian event.  She rediscovers her passion for riding and her ex-husband.   Samantha and Luke get a second chance at love.  Image: Crown Media Taking The Reins Is The Perfect Movie Title If ever Hallmark picked the perfect title for a movie, it's this one.  Taking the Reins  serves a literal and metaphorical purpose.   On the surface, the idea of  taking the reins  refers to Samantha (DeLoach) and her father (Bernsen) guiding a horse, Rascal, during an equestrian competition.  The concept runs much deeper, however. Why are reins necessary?  Without them, riders would have little, if any, control of their horses.  In the movie, many of the characters are grappling for control and direction in their own lives.   Samantha wants to write a cover-worthy article, and it requires her to