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Hallmark Announces 2023 "June Weddings" Line-Up PLUS New Mysteries (Printable Checklist Included!)

Hallmark Channel is slated to premiere four new movies for their annual June Weddings celebration along with two new premieres on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. FUN FACT :  Do you know why June is a popular month for weddings?  It traces back to Roman mythology.  Juno was the goddess of marriage and childbirth, and the Romans celebrated her and her husband, Jupiter, on June 1. 1.  The Dancing Detective:  A Deadly Tango Image:  Hallmark Media Everyone's favorite Hallmark dancing duo is back, but this time it's with a mystery. Lacey Chabert plays Constance Bailey, a "no-nonsense detective who prefers to work alone," so she is not happy when she's forced to team up with Sebastian Moore ( Will Kemp ) to become a contestant in a ballroom dancing competition in order to solve the murder of a high-profile CEO. The movie was filmed entirely in Malta. Senior Vice President of Programming and Development at Hallmark Media shared this tidbit in a recent press release: &q

Hallmark's "The Blessing Bracelet"--FINALLY a Movie that Includes Faith (PLUS How to Get Your Own Blessing Bracelet!)

Did you know that Hallmark Channel started out as a religious network?   Its roots trace back to religious broadcasters in the American Christian Television System (ACTS) and Vision Interfaith Satellite Network (VISN).  Both shared a satellite signal, and by 1993, they rebranded as The Faith & Values Channel. Three years later, when Liberty Media, Hallmark Entertainment, and The Jim Hensen Company acquired large stakes in the company, the channel became the Odyssey Network and slowly phased out religious programming and replaced it with a family entertainment format.  It wasn't until 2001 that Odyssey was again rebranded, this time as Hallmark Channel. Despite the gradual departure from religious programming to focus on light, romantic "comfort food" movies, Hallmark Channel once produced movies with a profound emphasis on faith, family, and American values. Image:  Hallmark Media That is no longer the case, especially with left-wing activist, Woke Wonya Lucas , at th

Hallmark's "The Professional Bridesmaid" Reveals Something Interesting About Our Culture

When a professional bridesmaid books a high-profile wedding, she must keep her identity a secret from the bridal party and the handsome reporter covering the event. Starring:  Hunter King and Chandler Massey Image:  Hallmark Media Is Being a "Professional Bridesmaid" Really a Thing? We've all heard of wedding planners, though the industry is facing a downward trend.  As of 2021, only 27% of couples hired one (which still seems like a lot).  The reason?  According to IBISWorld Market Research , increasingly tech-savvy, soon-to-be newlyweds are taking advantage of the Internet and DIY resources to cut costs.   Wedding planners are responsible for decking out the venue and managing vendors.  They coordinate the florist, baker, caterer, musicians, photographer, and anyone else involved in the big day.  They manage transportation and accommodations for guests, send out invitations, and track the RSVPs.   What's left for a professional bridesmaid to do, and why would anyone

Hallmark's "A Picture of Her" Trivia QUIZ and More on the Movie

A woman becomes the subject of an award-winning magazine's cover and goes on a quest to uncover the identity of the mystery photographer who snapped her photo. Starring:  Rhiannon Fish and Tyler Hynes Image:  Hallmark Media It's Impossible for Tyler Hynes to Make a Bad Movie There's a reason why Tyler Hynes is one everyone's favorite Hallmark hunks--he's not only ridiculously adorable, but he's one of the best actors in the Hallmark family.  He creates characters who are warm, authentic, and oh so romantic! Avid Hallmark watchers have been commenting on social media that many newer movies are just "okay" and not up to the same gold standard from prior years, thanks to Woke Wonya Lucas derailing the network with her own political agenda. Viewers can watch with confidence when Hynes is the headliner--his movies are always stellar and never disappointing. BUY THE DVD! Just click on the image above to order. Hynes praises co-star, Rhiannon Fish, for his la