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Hallmark's "Warming Up to You" Trivia QUIZ!

Warming Up to You Plot Summary   A fitness pro must get a movie star in shape before he makes his next flim. Starring:  Cindy Busby and Christopher Russell Image:  Crown Media Kate Wolfe Has Two Rules Kate Wolfe (Cindy Busby) takes her job as a personal trainer very seriously.  To her, getting in shape isn't about losing weight--it's about making healthy lifestyle choices that become habits for the long-term. It's Kate's commitment to her professional values that gets her fired from Santa Monica Fitness.  Under new management, the company's philosophy has shifted to a new motto:  No sweat, no effort, no problem.  Nigel, the owner, feels surgery is the best option for celebrities who want to look good, not hard work and self-discipline. Kate is aghast when she discovers her latest client at Silver Spring Wellness Retreat, Rick Steele (Christopher Russell), is the same chocolate-shake-loving actor who ultimately cost her the job in L.A.  Rick's Hollywood studio