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Can You Answer These Trivia Questions from Hallmark's "The Perfect Pairing?"

  The Perfect Pairing  Plot Summary Influential and anonymous food and wine critic Christina slips on ice and falls while visiting a winery--and no one knows who she is.  Single father Michael and his family take her in to help jog her memory. Starring :  Nazneen Contractor and Brennan Elliott Brennan Elliott always shines even when his co-stars don't.  Image:  Crown Media Notice the Double Entendre? If you're a word nerd like me, you have to love the title of this movie--it's just so.....perfect!  Not only does Christina/Joy help select the perfect desserts to pair with Michael's new ice wine at the party, the two of them end up being an ideal match.   The Irony of It All Christina can be a drain to be around because she always focuses on the negative instead of the positive.  You know the type.  Her former writing partner, Eleanor Parks, dissolved their arrangement because she didn't like Christina's attitude, and even her boyfriend and mom admonish her to gi