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Ryan Paevey Fumbles Hallmark's "Fourth Down and Love"

Sparks are reignited when a single mother and a pro football player coincidentally meet again on her daughter's flag football field after his career is interrupted by a sports injury. Starring:  Pascale Hutton and Ryan Paevey Image:  Hallmark Media Fourth Down and Love Has Some Cringeworthy Moments  Fourth Down and Love has the trappings for a great Fall movie since it's about the number one, all-American pastime--football--but it still fails to chalk up points on the scoreboard. I'm not a fan of football and don't pretend to understand it, but Hallmark fans who follow the sport have commented on social media that many of the football-related scenes are riddled with errors.   You don't have to follow football to notice how out-of-place Ryan Paevey looks on the field.  He's a pretty boy, not a jock. Erin (Pascale Hutton) and Mike (Paevey) are former college sweethearts.  She ended their relationship years previously because she didn't want to stand in the wa

Hallmark's "Guiding Emily" Is the Most Poignant 2023 "Fall into Love" Premiere

Guiding Emily premiered on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries on September 8, 2023, and it's the most heartfelt movie of this year's  Fall into Love season. The movie stars Sarah Drew, Antonio Cupo, and the voice talent of Eric McCormack. Image:  Hallmark Media What Is Guiding Emily About? Here is the synopsis of the movie from Hallmark's website: Emily's life changes after losing her eyesight, while a guide dog struggles with training.  Through a series of missed encounters, both overcome their obstacles and find each other. Emily is a skilled and avid rock climber, but when she and her boyfriend, Conner, are enjoying a weekend getaway, she's involved in an accident that robs her of her sight and completely changes the direction of her life.  Despite being a very strong and independent woman, the discouragement and challenges Emily faces send her in an emotional tailspin.  As she comes to grips with her new normal, she draws on the strength of her support network