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Hallmark's "Heart of the Matter" Trivia QUIZ!

  Heart of the Matter Plot Summary Andie is devastated by an accidental death of a patient, but as she and the grieving mother overcome their own sorrows through forgiveness, they learn that acceptance leads to hope. Starring :  Aimee Teegarden, Gail O'Grady, Chandler Massey, and Andrew Zachar Image:  Crown Media Chandler Massey in a Different Role Hallmark fans may remember Chandler Massey from his leading role in 2021's Next Stop, Christmas .   In Heart of the Matter , Massey plays Henry, a mentally disabled young man who has taken Independent Living classes so he can live in his own apartment.  Though his mother checks on him frequently, he fails to mention that he's been experiencing increasing dizziness. At his cardiology check-up, he tells Dr. Andie Hodges about the spinning, and she places a heart monitor on him to determine what's causing it.  She gives him a list of instructions to follow along with her cell phone number. When Henry has another episode, he tri