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The Best & The Worst Of Hallmark's "Her Pen Pal"

Starring:  Mallory Jansen and Joshua Sasse Released:  2021 Summary:  An event planner is put in charge of planning her best friend's Paris wedding, and she decides to reconnect with a childhood pen pal. Have you ever visited Paris? Image: Crown Media Her Pen Pal Is a Fun Movie All-in-all, Her Pen Pal was an entertaining addition to the 2021 Summer Nights line-up.  Most fans loved it, with only a small number of dissenters saying it didn't keep their interest.  That's okay!  We're all allowed to have an opinion, and it's so lovely when we can disagree on these things amicably! The movie scored big on some aspects and tanked on others.  Let's take a look at both. The Best Parts of Her Pen Pal The movie setting is Paris--one of the world's most romantic cities!  Hallmark has filmed other movies in Paris too, like Paris, Wine, and Romance with Jen Lilley, but we could use more.  Hallmark gives us an inside peek at many famous landmarks, like the Eiffel Towe