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Hallmark's "A Summer Romance:" Dude Ranches, Cowboy Code, & a Movie QUIZ

Starring:  Erin Krakow and Ryan Paevey Released:  2019 Summary:  A woman dedicated to taking care of her family's ranch and legacy finds herself falling in love after a developer shows up to try and buy the property from her. Image:  Crown Media How Does Sam Walker Control Herself? Even though A Summer Romance i s filmed in various locations in Canada, including Vancouver, the movie setting is Bighorn, Montana, which really is a county in Montana with a population of roughly 12,865.   In other words, it's not every day that a local is likely to bump into someone as gorgeous as Richard Belmont (Paevey).   Even though Richard is in town to convince Sam to sell him her ranch, he ends up falling in love with the land and her.  He tries to make a move on Sam several times, which we know will go nowhere since the proverbial kiss must wait until the final scene, but Sam's self-control is impressive.  She resists him until the very end. Could you have held out that long if Paeve