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Hallmark's "Bad Date Chronicles"--Do You Have A Bad Date Story?

Starring:  Merritt Patterson and Justin Kelly Released:  2020 Summary:  When a website blogger posts her own bad date experience with a rival newspaper editor, he decides to compete and publish his own bad date experience. Image:  Crown Media, United States LLC Have You Ever Had A Bad Date? Conner Michaels and Leigh Ryness have plenty of material for their blogs because the bad luck they encounter on their first date hits epic proportions. First, Conner's co-worker and BFF, Brad, spills coffee on his nice suit right before he leaves for his date.  He doesn't have time to go home and change, so he borrows Brad's extra set of clothes and looks like some punk, grunge rocker.  He's also shows up quite late. Next, the couple waits forever at the bar because their reservation was never made at the restaurant as intended. Leigh knocks over a candle and sets their table on fire, so Conner throws water on her to extinguish it.  Conner escapes to the restroom