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5 Reasons Hallmark Fans LOVE "The Wedding Cottage"

The Wedding Cottage is about a wedding guide creator who convinces an artist and owner of a wedding cottage to allow her to renovate it so she can host a contest-winning couple for their wedding. Starring:  Erin Krakow and Brendan Penny Image:  Hallmark Media One of the most charming movies to premiere during Hallmark's Spring 2023 line-up was The Wedding Cottage with Erin Krakow and Brendan Penny. What's so magical about The Wedding Cottage that is causing fans to gush about it on social media?   Here are the top five reasons this Spring into Love feature will both entertain and delight you: 1.  The Wedding Cottage Pairs the Right Actors One giant problem Hallmark has created in recent movies is coupling male and female leads who don't gel with one another.  Even if the story is good, the movie gets a thumbs down from fans when there are no sparks. Why does this keep happening ?   Let's face it--some of our favorite Hallmark talent is ageing, and Hallmark has bee