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Hallmark's "Bacon Me Crazy"- Do You Have a Favorite Food Truck?

Starring:  Natalie Hall and Michael Rady Released:  2020 Summary:  An aspiring chef in Portland participates in a food truck competition while a fellow competitor tries to win her heart. Image:  Crown Media Do You Follow Food Trucks? Food trucks are no longer only around for summer festivals.  They are everywhere, all year long--maybe even in your work parking lot.  Over the last five years, the food truck business has experienced a major growth spurt and continues to amass an impressive following. Did you know the average food truck grosses $300,000 per year? Not your typical "carnies," food truck owners create unique, specialty cuisine with their restaurant on wheels. Can you guess the top eight most popular types of foods that people crave from food trucks?  SPOILER ALERT:   bacon isn't one of them. Barbeque Sliders Ethiopian (Whaaaat?) Tacos Pizza Cupcakes Grilled Cheese Lobster Rolls America's most popular food truck is Oink &am