Hallmark's "Bacon Me Crazy"- Do You Have a Favorite Food Truck?

Starring:  Natalie Hall and Michael Rady

Released:  2020

Summary:  An aspiring chef in Portland participates in a food truck competition while a fellow competitor tries to win her heart.

Image:  Crown Media, United States LLC

Do You Follow Food Trucks?

Food trucks are no longer only around for summer festivals.  They are everywhere, all year long--maybe even in your work parking lot.  Over the last five years, the food truck business has experienced a major growth spurt and continues to amass an impressive following.

Did you know the average food truck grosses $300,000 per year?

Not your typical "carnies," food truck owners create unique, specialty cuisine with their restaurant on wheels.

Can you guess the top eight most popular types of foods that people crave from food trucks? SPOILER ALERT:  bacon isn't one of them.

  1. Barbeque
  2. Sliders
  3. Ethiopian (Whaaaat?)
  4. Tacos
  5. Pizza
  6. Cupcakes
  7. Grilled Cheese
  8. Lobster Rolls
America's most popular food truck is Oink & Moo BBQ in Florham Park, New Jersey. You can find America's top ten list here, if you're curious.

Focusing on the food truck frenzy is a refreshing occupation switch for a Hallmark plot.

Did You Know This Movie Is Based On A Book?

If you glanced away for a second during the opening credits, you may have missed that this movie is based on a Scholastic book by the same name.

This book is for grades 4-7, or ages 9-12, so if you want to hook your daughter into watching Hallmark movies with you, this book might be a good buy.

The plot of the book is a bit different.  Tessa, Cleo's niece, is the main focus.  Tessa works for her aunt on the Food Truck and finds herself at odds with fellow employee, Asher.  When the future of Cleo's food truck is in jeopardy, Tessa and Asher put aside their differences to help save Cleo's business, finding light-hearted, age-appropriate romance along the way.

The best part, there are BACON recipes included at the end!

For The Love Of Bacon!

Can you guess how much bacon the average American eats each year?  Eighteen pounds.  Some of you are thinking, That's a lot of bacon, while true bacon lovers are surprised--Only eighteen pounds?  

Bacon is a very versatile food.  It can be served for any meal, as a side or main course, and it is the perfect accent or topping for many dishes.

Where do you land on bacon?  Take the poll below!

bike trails

Thoughts On The Movie

This movie has a lot of light-hearted moments, like when Cleo pranks Gabe.  When Mo' Bacon parks near Cleo's Kitchen, she loses a lot of business.  Cleo places a huge order in an attempt to sabotage and overwhelm Gabe in order to get his overflow, but he's a machine and fills all the orders.  On top of it all, he knows what she did but is a good sport about it and even brings her the order "on the house."

Other moments aren't as light.  Gabe tries to be a gentleman and drop out of the competition to give Cleo a better shot at winning the $100,000 to open her restaurant.  Cleo responds like a militant feminist and is totally insulted.  

Do you think Cleo is right to be offended?  

I don't.  Gabe isn't saying she doesn't have what it takes to succeed.  His gentlemanly gesture is meant to increase her odds and show her he is putting her needs in front of his own.

Michael Rady never disappoints in any Hallmark movie, in my opinion, and this one is no exception.  It's a good thing because he has to make up for Natalie Hall's lack of talent.
  • Cleo is supposed to be Italian, but she's fair-complected with blonde hair.  Most of the time, she talks in a normal voice, but then she slips in and out of a fake Italian accent that sounds like a disjointed blend of Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, and Transylvania.  Hearing her dramatically fake accent every time she references her grandfather's Sapore is cringe-worthy.  
  • You can tell she is acting--especially when she over-acts--and this equals bad acting. 
  • Even playing opposite cutie-pie Rady, the bacon creates more sizzle than she does.
Sure, Hall is cute and does great photo ops, but she would be best on soap operas--particularly the parting scenes before commercial break when the characters just stare at each other and don't speak.

Was there any doubt Cleo and Gabe would win the $100,000 and $10,000 prizes?  I'm noticing a trend with Hallmark though where the female lead always wins.  Is Hallmark worried someone will rail against the patriarchy and scream misogyny if the male lead lands the grand prize?  The same thing happened in The Secret IngredientMen are apparently only allowed to win if they are the woman's team, like in Love, Romance, and Chocolate.  Otherwise, they have to be content with second place.

Norma Duncan judges the food truck competition, and her favorite ingredient is love.  Are we supposed to act like we've never heard that before?

Some of you are nodding in agreement, wishing Hallmark would go old school and write scripts like they used to--back before political correctness boxed them in and confined their creative license.  Others of you are going into mock outrage that anyone could find fault with a Hallmark movie or actor.  If you are the latter, lighten up and don't be such a snowflake.  It's possible to toast and roast aspects of these movies at the same time.  

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