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Hallmark's "Moonlight in Vermont"--A QUIZ, A Poll, Fun Facts About Syrup, & the Book

Starring:   Lacey Chabert and Carlo Marks Released:  2017 Summary:   After a breakup, an upscale real estate agent visits her family's inn in Vermont to rest and rethink things, but her ex shows up with a new girlfriend. Image:  Crown Media Happy Couples Upset Fiona It's funny how our personal circumstances give us tunnel vision.  If you're trying to have a baby, you notice everyone who is pregnant or pushing strollers.  It seems like everyone you talk to has the perfect job when you are miserable in yours and can't find a better one.  When you're struggling with health issues, you see everyone jogging or walking their dogs, making you feel isolated in your pain.   Nate grows weary of just being one more thing Fiona has to juggle in her busy schedule.  Fiona should have seen this coming, but when he ends their relationship, she's gutted.  Even as time ticks on, she knows exactly how many weeks, days, and hours it has been since they parted ways.   Everywhere