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Four Different Personality Types in Hallmark's "Snowkissed"--Which Character Is Most Like You? Plus, a Movie QUIZ!

Starring:   Jen Lilley and Chris McNally Released:   2021 Summary:   A journalist with a distaste for traveling gets the opportunity to tackle her dream assignment and unwillingly mentors an attractive bed-and-breakfast owner. Image:  Crown Media This fun and wintry movie follows Kate, Jayne, Noah, and Simon.  All four characters are "polar" opposites in so many ways, but they end up blending well together, like the cheese, wine, and chocolate they sample in the movie. Which movie character do you relate to the most? Kate   Kate does not like adventure.  She creates a routine for her daily life, and she doesn't deviate from it.  She has no desire to explore other areas of the world because she thinks Manhattan has it all.  She's deathly afraid of heights, and she doesn't enjoy the outdoors.  When it comes to exercise, she prefers a temperature-controlled gym over a hike in nature.  She feels safer with absolutes and a sure thing. Jen Lilley as "Kate" Ka