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Hallmark's "My Secret Valentine" QUIZ!

Starring:  Lacey Chabert and Andrew Walker Released:  2018 Summary:  When a savvy salesman arrives to buy a family's beloved winery, a young woman follows the advice she receives from chalkboard notes left by a mysterious house rental tenant. Image:  Crown Media The Family Wine Business Chloe Grange comes home to visit and learns her dad wants to retire, so he's toying with the idea of selling the family wine business.   Seth Anderson works for Stratosphere, a boxed wine company, and his promotion depends on him acquiring Grange Family Wines. Chloe is conflicted. She doesn't want her dad to sell the business because it's been in their family for generations, and she especially doesn't want him to sell it to a boxed wine company.  She feels it cheapens their reputable brand. Despite being determined to not like Seth, Chloe is impressed at the lengths he goes to in order to understand and appreciate their wine business from top to bottom to truly grasp their company&#