Hallmark's "Love at First Bark" DVD Giveaway!

Why Do We Do Giveaways?

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Good news--our contests aren't about data mining!

Why do we do them?

First, these contests are a special treat for our Facebook group members.  Our group is fun, engaging, upbeat, and interesting.  What better way to thank members for their lively discussion and participation than give them a chance to win something Hallmark-y!

Second, we want our group to grow!  Not only are Hallmark movies a relaxing escape from real-life, so is our Facebook group.  With all the stress in the world, we want people to find our group where they can experience all the Hallmark feel-good vibes even when they can't be watching a movie.  It's fun to chat with fellow Hallmarkies, so the more we have in our group, the merrier it is.

Prize:  Hallmark's "Love at First Bark" DVD

Remember this movie from 2017, starring Jana Kramer and Kevin McGarry?

It's about a woman with a new, out-of-control German shepherd who turns to a handsome dog trainer for help.  As they make progress with the dog, they end up developing feelings for each other, too.

How Do You Enter the Giveaway?

  • This contest is only for our Facebook group members.  If you're not already part of our group, no worries!  It's easy to join.  You can find us here:

  • Once your membership is approved, look for the link to this blog post pinned at the top of the Facebook group in the announcements.

  • In the COMMENT SECTION of the FACEBOOK ANNOUNCEMENT (not this blog post),   **post a picture of your dog (or other pet, if you don't have a dog) and tell us your pet's name!**

Since the movie is about dogs, and so many of you have pets you love, it will be fun to see all the pics of your fur babies and hear their cute names.  

What if you no longer have a pet?  

Surely, you had a pet at SOME point in your life--even if it was just a goldfish.  If your pet has passed over the rainbow bridge, you can still post a picture with its name to enter the giveaway.

  • DO NOT CREATE A NEW FACEBOOK POST FOR YOUR ENTRY!!!  This clogs everyone's feed, so be sure to post your pet pic and name in the comment section of the giveaway announcement post on Facebook.

  • One entry per person.  Even if you have multiple pets, you can only enter the contest once.  

**Your name will not be entered in the drawing if you forget the pet picture, to mention it's name, post your entry in the wrong place, or are not a resident of the USA.**

You Must Be a Resident of the USA to Enter!!

Entrants must be legal residents of the United States of America, 18 years of age or older.

Our group has a lot of international friends, whom we greatly appreciate, but we simply do not have the budget for high shipping rates.  We apologize!  

When Will the "Love at First Bark" Winner Be Announced?

This giveaway will run from Wednesday, April 29, 2020, through Saturday, May 16, 2020.  The winner will be announced on Sunday, May 17, 2020.

Everyone who participates correctly will be entered in the random drawing.

How Will the Winner Be Notified?

One winner will be announced on Sunday, May 17, 2020, in the Hallmark Seasons of Love Movies Facebook Group.  The winner will be tagged and must private message the group admin with mailing address to receive the Love at First Bark DVD.  The address will be for prize mailing only and not kept, used, or shared for any other purpose.

Winner must provide mailing address by May 21, 2020, or else forfeit the prize.  A new winner will then be randomly selected.

Promotion Is Not Associated With Hallmark or Facebook

The Love at First Bark DVD giveaway is offered by Hallmark Seasons of Love Movies Facebook group and blog and not sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Facebook or Hallmark, and participating in this giveaway is done independently by each person.  Facebook and Hallmark are released from any responsibility to entrants or participants.  

You Can Still Get the Movie, Even If You Don't Win

If you don't win this contest, maybe you will win the next one!  In the meantime, Love at First Bark is available through Amazon.  You can find it here:

Best of luck to all of you who participate!  We will all enjoy seeing your pet pics and hearing their names!

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Take the QUIZ on Hallmark's "Fashionably Yours!"

Starring:  Kat Graham and Kendrick Sampson

Released:  2020

Summary:  After three years of organizing fashion collections for a magazine, a woman is passed by on a promotion and decides to move home, but her mover helps her discover the beauty of Seattle.

Image:  Crown Media, United States LLC

Who Is Kat Graham?

Although we've never seen Kat Graham in a Hallmark movie until this one, she has a very long and diverse career.

She began acting in commercials at age six and has been in several movies, including 17 Again with Zac Efron and Matthew Perry, though she's most famous for her role in the TV series, The Vampire Diaries. 

She's an accomplished dancer who has performed at the BET Awards and for other artists.  She's also a singer, musician, and music producer with a degree in recording engineering.  She says she'd much rather write music about being an independent woman than being in love--ironic, coming from a Hallmark leading lady!

You've probably seen her in commercials and advertisements too, since she has worked on campaigns for companies like Wet'n'Wild, Foster Grant, Yoplait, and Caress.   

She is also highly involved with a Refugee Agency through the United Nations--a cause close to her heart since she's the granddaughter of refugees.

Kat was born in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1989, to a Liberian father and a Russian-Polish Jewish mother, though she was raised in Los Angeles, California.  She was brought up in the Jewish faith and speaks four languages:
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Hebrew
She joked that she finally realized in the third grade that she was the only black kid in Hebrew school, but she glories in being different!

Geesh!  Is there anything this woman can't do?

It's no wonder her performance in Fashionably Yours is so good!  Her many talents have earned her a fan base dubbed the Katpack

She's no stranger to bullying, and it has made her a tough cookie who can stand up for herself.  Let's hope we see her again in a future Hallmark love story.


Finding New Dreams

It's funny how you can have a plan for your life, but then things happen that alter your course.  You aren't necessarily derailed, just placed on a different path.

Lauren Miller doesn't like living in Seattle.  It's always chilly and rainy.  She works so many long hours that she never makes time to explore the city, even though she's lived there for three years.

Her dream is to write about fashion, though she is such an ultra-ultra-organized person that she has earned the respect of her boss and fellow employees with her stellar ability to organize fashions.  When a writing opportunity opens, Lauren follows her dream--but it doesn't get her anywhere.  The magazine is going digital, and Lauren's writing style doesn't POP enough for online readers.

Her dream deflated, Lauren makes plans to go home to Scotsdale where she can work as an accountant in her parents' firm.

Finding love in Seattle is good enough reason to stay planted, but even better, Lauren moves into a new position at Seamless where she can create online video posts about fashion.  Win-win!

Exploring Seattle

Think about the city in which you live.  Have you explored all of its nooks and crannies?  Familiarity has the tendency to make us overlook the gems in our own back yards.  People might come from all over the world to experience an attraction in your area, even though you've never take the time to see it for yourself.

Handsome Rob Peterson is a great tour guide for Lauren.  He takes her to a 50's diner, a donut shop, a botanical garden, gets her cotton candy, and takes her to watch a street magician.

The two spend the entire day walking the city streets, yet Hallmark puts Kat Graham in spike heels and expects us to believe she eats all that food and still stays skinny!

Did you also notice how Lauren goes on a "date" with Brian to a fancy dinner spot but then manages to down hot dogs with Rob the same evening?  I want that kind of metabolism!

You Can't Go Back

Lauren had a crush on Brian when she was 17 and never realized he wanted to ask her out on a date.  When Brian passes through Seattle, he gives her a call, and the two go to dinner.

Though Brian hopes to rekindle something from their past, especially since Lauren's planning to return to their hometown, she lets him down gently and tells him they can just "hang out" once she moves home.

Have you ever bumped into an old flame?  It's funny how someone who once sent your pulse racing no longer does a thing for you.  Life changes and you change.  Sometimes it's just not possible to recapture a time or feeling that has passed.

Investing in Youth

Kids need good role models, and physical activity is not only healthy, but it keeps them disciplined and out of trouble.

Rob is the embodiment of a dedicated coach who invests time and energy in the next generation.

With Lauren's help, Rob organizes an auction to raise funds to create a travel league for his team.  The kids love him, and he loves them, too.

A big shout out to all you coaches who invest in youth!  You make a difference.

Did You Like the Movie?

Surprisingly, when polled in one Facebook group, Fashionably Yours was the least favorite of the 2020 Hallmark Spring Fever releases.  I thought it was refreshing and enjoyable, minus the fact that it's yet another Hallmark movie about a would-be writer and a magazine.

For more fun with this movie, check out the 10-question quiz below!

Hallmark's "Nature of Love," Glamping, and the Appalachian Trail

Starring:  Emilie Ullerup and Christopher Russell

Released:  2020

Summary:  A city girls writes a magazine feature on a glamping resort.  Not being the sporty type, she manages to face her fears by trying the camp's activities with the help from a rugged outdoorsman and nature guide.

Image:  Crown Media, United States LLC

Had You Ever Heard of "Glamping" Before This Movie?

When I read the plot summary for this movie, I thought there was a typographical error and that our heroine was actually going camping.

Who knew glamping was a thing?  Maybe everyone but me?

What is glamping?  It's camping, but with more glamorous accommodations and facilities.  You can enjoy the great outdoors without roughing it.  Glamping provides the best of both worlds--the beauty of nature and the luxuries of a resort.  Sounds pretty perfect.

Image:  Crown Media, United States LLC
Where are the best places to go glamping?   

Check out this list of the 25 best glamping destinations in the United States.  You'll find tents, teepees, lushnas, cabin-tents, and Conestoga wagons from coast-to-coast in places like Yellowstone, Utah, Wyoming, Florida, New York, California, Montana, Tennessee, Georgia, Colorado, and more.

Three Concerns About Glamping

As I watched the movie, three questions popped into my mind:
  • When bathing, can neighbors see your naked shadow from outside?
  • Since there is no door to zip, what would prevent a snake or other wild animal from entering your tent?
  • If you can't lock the tent, couldn't other campers "break in" and steal your valuables while you away?

Hiking the Appalachian Trail

Typically when you find new love, you not only put your best foot forward, you put your best face forward, too.  Remember getting ready for a date when you were still single?  You spruced up in your nicest outfit, spent oodles of time on your hair, applied make-up like spackle and war paint, and doused yourself in perfume.

The last thing you imagine doing is going on a 5-month hike along the Appalachian Trail, like Katie plans to do with Will.

Think about it--to poop, you have to dig a hole in the ground.  On average, hikers are 4-5 days away from the nearest small town, which is the only opportunity to shower.  Combine this with monthly feminine issues, and....eww!

Plus, what if you decide along the way the two of you aren't compatible?  More than being awkward--he might coat you with peanut butter while you sleep to entice bears! 

Still, many viewers have voiced hope that Hallmark will produce a sequel to Nature of Love where we will join the love birds on their sojourn.  If that happens, Katie will be the first woman to hike the Appalachian Trail with perfect make-up and hair and without sweating. There will be romantic interludes because neither will stink to high heaven, and their sleeping bags will be kept at a respectable distance. 

A Few Interesting Facts About Hiking the Appalachian Trail

  • The trail stretches over 2,190 miles across 14 states, from Georgia to Maine.
  • Annually, 3 million people hike a portion of the trail, with only a small fraction walking the entire thing.
  • Hikers only carry 20-30 pounds in their backpacks, which means they take very little with them.
  • What about bears?  Black bears are native to the trail, but they are typically shy and non-aggressive.  (There are still bears and snakes--that's a deal breaker).
  • Deer ticks are plentiful along the trail.  (Translation: Be prepared for Lyme Disease).
  • Hikers carry 4-5 days worth of food and replenish at every small town along the way.  


In the movie, Will mentions he has sponsors for his hike.  My first thought:  How in the world could someone take a five-month hiatus from working?  If that's the case, could I get sponsors so my family could enjoy three months at the beach without burning through our savings?

Turns out, serious hikers and conservationists can turn their love of nature into quite a lucrative opportunity.

Many companies are willing to finance such excursions so the hikers will promote their brands.  This would include photography and writing about gear, foods, and other supplies used along the way.

Christopher Russell Is Dreamy

Every time I've seen Christopher Russell in a Hallmark movies, it's been as a supporting character, like in The Mistletoe Secret, where he also plays a travel guru.

Nature of Love proves he has what it takes to be a regular, Hallmark leading man.

Russell is more than just passably handsome--he is drop-dead gorgeous!

Sorry, ladies, before you swoon, he's already taken!

He and his wife are living happily-ever-after in Vancouver with their daughter and son, born in 2013 and 2015, respectively.

We can dream!

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Hallmark's "The Color of Rain" the True Story of Gina Kell and Michael Spehn

Starring:  Lacey Chabert and Warren Christie

Released:  2014

Summary:  While consoling each other over the recent loss of their spouses, a man and a woman grow close and fall in love.

Image:  Crown Media, United States LLC

Gina Kell and Michael Spehn Find Love Despite Tragedy

You've seen the movie, so you know the plot, but did you catch that it's based on a real-life story?

Gina Kell's husband died on Christmas Day, 2005, from a rare and incurable cancer, leiomyocarcoma, which he battled for three years.

Weeks later, Cathy Spehn died seventeen days after learning her painful headaches were a result of a brain cancer called glioblastoma multiforme.

It's no wonder the two gravitated toward one another.

It's like parenting--people who have never had children can't really grasp what life with kids is truly like on a daily basis.  Similarly, your heart can hurt for someone who has lost their spouse, but you can't relate to them on deeper levels if you've never gone through it yourself.  Gina and Michael shared the same pain.

Naturally, people gossiped about them getting together so soon, but their hearts were in the right place.  They both were grieving, raising kids on their own, and trying to work.  Their focus was on creating a normal life for their kids.  Gina tried to fill the void Michael's kids had by doing things like cooking a great meal and helping Charlotte shop for bras.  Michael stepped up to the plate when Gina needed someone to teach her kids basketball.  Eventually, both families, through their common pain, formed a loving bond, and it was one that honored the memory of the loves they lost.

Gina's Son Also Diagnosed With Cancer 

As if this family hasn't been through enough, Gina's teenage son, Sam, was diagnosed in 2015 with glioblastoma--the same brain cancer that killed Michael's wife!

Sam Kell and Gina Spehn from their Facebook Page

You can follow Gina's "Pray for Sam Kell" Facebook page here.

The 5-year survival rate for this type of cancer in childhood is 20%, but Sam is the eternal optimist who continues to beat the odds.

New Day Foundation For Families 

The Spehns created New Day Foundation to help families who need financial assistance while battling cancer.  The foundation officially started in 2007 from their kitchen table, but has now grown into a sophisticated non-profit with an office space in Rochester, Michigan.

Many who hear their story or that of their son, Sam, flock to make donations to the family, but Gina directs all donations to the foundation to help other families.  Michael is a successful financial planner, and Gina recently began drawing a salary from the foundation (after doing it for many years as charitable work), so they are grateful for their many blessings.  In addition, speaking engagements keep them busy.

You can visit the New Day Foundation website to learn more about the family, their mission, and how to get involved. 

Gina and Michael Are Strong Christians

Hallmark typically avoids movies about faith, undoubtedly to keep from  alienating viewers with different religious convictions.  

In this movie, Michael even appears to reject God as he reels from the inexplicable loss of his wife.

The truth is, both Michael and Gina Spehn are devout Christians whose strong faith and relationship with Jesus Christ has been their source of strength, hope, and optimism during life's most difficult moments.  With every uncertainty, they turn to God, pray, seek God's guidance, and ultimately put their situation into His hands.

In fact, when Matt Kell was fighting cancer, he used the disease to share his faith in Christ.  He even said he was in a win-win situation--he would either be cured, or he'd get to meet his Savior sooner.  He assured everyone not to worry because he knew where he was going.  Can you say the same?  

Gina's Facebook page, Pray for Sam Kell, is often sprinkled with faith-filled biblical passages, and Sam's faith is just as strong as his father's.

Even though Gina's and Michael's faith is downplayed in the movie, it's actually what pulled them through their darkest hours.

The Video Diaries From Matt Kell Are Real

When I watched the heart-wrenching video clips from the video diaries Matt Kell left for Gina and the boys, I figured they were added by Hallmark for dramatic effect.  Wrong--the diaries are real! 

Matt actually gave Gina his blessing to find love again, and his blessing extended to the man who earned her love.  The video blew her away.  Matt said, "Grieve me and live on--I want you to live on, love, and to laugh.  We will meet again.  But in the meantime, I want you to thrive in this world and to do what God has put you here to do."

Cathy Spehn, right before she died, also instructed Michael, "Call Gina Kell."

What inspirational people.  It also shows God can take tragedy and bring something wonderful from it.

The Color of Rain Was First a Book By Gina and Michael

Gina and Michael wanted to share their story to encourage others that faith, hope, and love can be found, even in the midst of tragedy.  They co-authored the book, The Color of Rain, in 2011, which became a New York Times bestselling memoir.  You can find it on Amazon.  Here's the link:

The Color of Rain is currently unavailable on DVD through Amazon, but you can purchase it on Prime Video.

Before the movie was released in 2014, Gina and Michael did an interview with Channel Guide Magazine.  If you love the movie, you won't want to miss this interview.  It's in-depth, plus it talks about the ways Hallmark involved them in the movie-making process.  Gina also gushes that Lacey Chabert is "the nicest person on the planet."  We already knew that!  That's our Lacey.  You can find the interview here 

I'm wondering why we haven't seen more of Warren Christie in Hallmark movies?  He's been busy doing television, but he's a heart throb who should be on Hallmark!

Follow Gina Spehn on Twitter

In addition to the link to their foundation and Facebook pages, you can also follow Gina on Twitter--@ginakellspehn.

You can definitely see the resemblance!

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Hallmark's "Bacon Me Crazy"- Do You Have a Favorite Food Truck?

Starring:  Natalie Hall and Michael Rady

Released:  2020

Summary:  An aspiring chef in Portland participates in a food truck competition while a fellow competitor tries to win her heart.

Image:  Crown Media

Do You Follow Food Trucks?

Food trucks are no longer only around for summer festivals.  They are everywhere, all year long--maybe even in your work parking lot.  Over the last five years, the food truck business has experienced a major growth spurt and continues to amass an impressive following.

Did you know the average food truck grosses $300,000 per year?

Not your typical "carnies," food truck owners create unique, specialty cuisine with their restaurant on wheels.

Can you guess the top eight most popular types of foods that people crave from food trucks? SPOILER ALERT:  bacon isn't one of them.

  1. Barbeque
  2. Sliders
  3. Ethiopian (Whaaaat?)
  4. Tacos
  5. Pizza
  6. Cupcakes
  7. Grilled Cheese
  8. Lobster Rolls
America's most popular food truck is Oink & Moo BBQ in Florham Park, New Jersey. You can find America's top ten list here, if you're curious.

Focusing on the food truck frenzy is a refreshing occupation switch for a Hallmark plot.

Did You Know This Movie Is Based On A Book?

If you glanced away for a second during the opening credits, you may have missed that this movie is based on a Scholastic book by the same name.

This book is for grades 4-7, or ages 9-12, so if you want to hook your daughter into watching Hallmark movies with you, this book might be a good buy.

The plot of the book is a bit different.  Tessa, Cleo's niece, is the main focus.  Tessa works for her aunt on the Food Truck and finds herself at odds with fellow employee, Asher.  When the future of Cleo's food truck is in jeopardy, Tessa and Asher put aside their differences to help save Cleo's business, finding light-hearted, age-appropriate romance along the way.

The best part, there are BACON recipes included at the end!

For The Love Of Bacon!

Can you guess how much bacon the average American eats each year?  Eighteen pounds.  Some of you are thinking, That's a lot of bacon, while true bacon lovers are surprised--Only eighteen pounds?  

Bacon is a very versatile food.  It can be served for any meal, as a side or main course, and it is the perfect accent or topping for many dishes.

Where do you land on bacon?  Take the poll below!

bike trails

Thoughts On The Movie

This movie has a lot of light-hearted moments, like when Cleo pranks Gabe.  When Mo' Bacon parks near Cleo's Kitchen, she loses a lot of business.  Cleo places a huge order in an attempt to sabotage and overwhelm Gabe in order to get his overflow, but he's a machine and fills all the orders.  On top of it all, he knows what she did but is a good sport about it and even brings her the order "on the house."

Other moments aren't as light.  Gabe tries to be a gentleman and drop out of the competition to give Cleo a better shot at winning the $100,000 to open her restaurant.  Cleo responds like a militant feminist and is totally insulted.  

Do you think Cleo is right to be offended?  

I don't.  Gabe isn't saying she doesn't have what it takes to succeed.  His gentlemanly gesture is meant to increase her odds and show her he is putting her needs in front of his own.

Michael Rady is always charming.  Image: Crown Media

Michael Rady never disappoints in any Hallmark movie, in my opinion, and this one is no exception.  It's a good thing because he has to make up for Natalie Hall's lack of talent.
  • Cleo is supposed to be Italian, but she's fair-complected with blonde hair.  Most of the time, she talks in a normal voice, but then she slips in and out of a fake Italian accent that sounds like a disjointed blend of Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, and Transylvania.  Hearing her dramatically fake accent every time she references her grandfather's Sapore is cringe-worthy.  
  • You can tell she is acting--especially when she over-acts--and this equals bad acting. 
  • Even playing opposite cutie-pie Rady, the bacon creates more sizzle than she does.
Sure, Hall is cute and does great photo ops, but she would be best on soap operas--particularly the parting scenes before commercial break when the characters just stare at each other and don't speak.

Natalie Hall isn't Hallmark's best leading lady.  Image: Crown Media

Was there any doubt Cleo and Gabe would win the $100,000 and $10,000 prizes?  I'm noticing a trend with Hallmark though where the female lead always wins.  Is Hallmark worried someone will rail against the patriarchy and scream misogyny if the male lead lands the grand prize?  The same thing happened in The Secret IngredientMen are apparently only allowed to win if they are the woman's team, like in Love, Romance, and Chocolate.  Otherwise, they have to be content with second place.

Norma Duncan judges the food truck competition, and her favorite ingredient is love.  Are we supposed to act like we've never heard that before?

It takes more than love to make good food. Image: Crown Media

Some of you are nodding in agreement, wishing Hallmark would go old school and write scripts like they used to--back before political correctness boxed them in and confined their creative license.  Others of you are going into mock outrage that anyone could find fault with a Hallmark movie or actor.  If you are the latter, lighten up and don't be such a snowflake.  It's possible to toast and roast aspects of these movies at the same time.  

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Hallmark's "Just My Type" Left Unanswered Questions!

Starring:  Bethany Joy Lenz and Brett Dalton

Released:  2020

Summary:  A pop culture writer lands the interview of her dreams with a mystery author.  As they spend time together, she learns there is more to him than meets the eye.

Image:  Crown Media, United States LLC

Do You Think There Will Be a Sequel to Just My Type?

Hallmark left a few loose ends in the Spring Fever premiere of Just My Type.  

Vanessa Sills (Lenz) just receives the promotion of her dreams, thanks to her interview with renowned mystery author, Martin Clayborne (Dalton).  The problem is that her Senior Lifestyle Editor job is in Oregon, and her heart is with Martin in Washington.

At the very end, Vanessa returns to Thompson Lake, Washington, to connect with Martin at an annual town celebration, and they kiss.  The credits appear, but the viewer is left with unanswered questions.
  • Is Vanessa going to quit her dream job and move to Washington?  It's unlikely her work can be done remotely.  
  • Is Vanessa going to finally complete her first novel?  
  • If Vanessa focuses on writing, what will she do for money in the meantime?
  • Will Martin find success in writing children's books?
Either Hallmark's writers struggled to produce a satisfying ending within the allotted time frame and got sloppy, or plans are on the drawing board for a sequel.

Do You Have a Life Motto?

Vanessa has a motto that directs her life choices:
Go boldly in the direction of your dreams and live the life you imagine.
Goal-oriented mantras help some people remain focused and driven.  When Vanessa find herself hesitating at opportunities or making excuses for inaction, this motto helps her recalibrate and step onto the right path.

Vanessa's motto is reminiscent of Walt Disney's, If you can dream it, you can do it. 

What is your life motto?

Maybe an old adage from your grandma or The Golden Rule?

Personally, I hang onto Biblical scripture for direction, inspiration, and encouragement.  God's words surpass any human axioms or words of wisdom.  One of my favorite scriptures is Romans 8:28, which says, And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.  I love this verse because through the ups and downs of life, a Christ-follower can rest in the peace of knowing God will use everything that comes their way for a good purpose, even though the devil may have meant something for evil.

Old Typewriters

Have younger viewers even seen an old typewriter before this movie?

My mom used to have one that I played on as a child.  When I started college in 1991, my parents bought me an electric typewriter (we didn't own a computer or word processor), and I was blown away that it came with correction tape!  No more throwing away the entire paper when a mistake was made!

Vanessa is surprised that Martin uses an old typewriter to produce all of his novels, but it's a great homage to his favorite author, Ernest Hemingway, who wore out several typewriters over his career.  Hemingway's favorite typewriter was a Royal Quiet Deluxe, which was manufactured between 1939-1948.

There are still many writers who prefer the long-hand method of penning their works, but do you know who STILL uses a typewriter to produce her prolific novels?  Danielle Steele, the best-selling author alive.  In December 2019, she released her 185th novel!

Steele works a minimum of 20 hours each day on her writing, using a 1946 Olympia manual typewriter name Ollie.  Computers move too fast for her, and she's terrified one would "eat" what she's written.

Danielle Steel's typewriter

Just An Average Hallmark Movie

I enjoyed Just My Type, but it did feel a little slow-moving at times.  Brett Dalton isn't as charismatic as some lead actors, and the spark we expect between couples is barely a flicker.

Of all the professions in the world, it seems like Hallmark chooses for their characters to be writers eighty percent of the time.  One reason may be that writers can do the job from anywhere, which makes them easier to move to be with their true love.  I wonder, though, if Hallmark staff writers can't think beyond their own skill set.

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